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Kia ora, requiring advice, we are recently set up company, with a social focus.  An example is that we have a rental home which we place single parent in, water, ground maintenace and wifi are paid for by the company and wrap services around by tapping into other services that can support the whanau to increase income, wellbeing to staircase them to achieve their personal goals.  We fund this personally but I would like to talk to someone on an application that I’m wanting to submit to awhi Wahine that find having a criminal record a blockage to finding employment. 

Question submitted 20/07/20 @ 01:13pm
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
  • Morena – this is awesome, often when making applications to organisations like Te Whare Awhi Wahine, this ‘question’ or ‘issue’ may or may not have come up in the past – if possible, what I have tried to do is connect to a person in the organisation, explain what we are doing (it is amazing) and just ask ‘what do we do in this situation’ because clearly the intent behind your work is to enable and empower and this surely aligns to Awhi Wahine’s objectives too – hopefully, they will say something like ‘do this or that’ – I am not sure any other advice will help, unless from one of the social/not-for-profit experts who might have experience similar to what you are doing. All the best – what you are doing is really important. Andy

    Nga Mihi Andrew, I will connect with Te Whare Awhi Wahine and go from there and navigate from there.

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