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Kia Ora, Team Manaaki is absolutely a phenomenal effort to support the business community. I am a new Kiwi, and have started exploring and understanding how the New Zealand business community works. Interestingly, I have learned its all about networking, and that’s why I am here. After reading many advice, suggestions, and guidance posted in Manaaki, I encouraged myself to ask for help here.I am a motion capture specialist holding a couple of accolades to my credits. For people wondering what is “Motion Capture” is the process of recording objects, animals, and human beings. (Good example: Lord of the Rings – Gollum character performed by Andy Serkis).Lately, I found a commercial motion capture studio in the Auckland region is missing. An academic unit at AUT is servicing some commercial projects as well, but unfortunately, it can’t serve large-scale productions. I have some exciting proposals coming from Hollywood and Bollywood, and I would like to connect with HNI’s who would be interested in investing in a motion capture studio. Investing in a motion capture studio is not a startup investment; it reasonably requires a considerable investment of USD 10m and above. Apart from creating IPs, the studio will serve industries like film, animation, games development, biomechanics, sports analysis, military, virtual reality, simulation, and artificial intelligence. I would like to get your perspective to add value to my proposal, and I am happy to get connected and discuss this further with like-minded investors. Thanks, and regards Ambrose Solomon 022 415 7615

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  • Here is Ambrose’s Linked In profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ambrose-solomon-2091864/

    Kia Ora Ambrose –

    First question would be ‘validating out if the market is missing this motion capture studio’ – what is the result of loss or missed opportunity by not having one in Auckland? Does the work not come in at all as a result or does it go to Wellington? Who cares deeply about this lack of infrastructure in the market?

    Second, question, commentary is really about ‘investor strategy’ -to get a USD10m+ cheque, will require the cheque writers to really understand this market, and the opportunity – as well as being able to write a 2-5m type cheque. I seem to recall seeing some press about a group setting up a production studio in Wellington too.

    A suppose also, what sort of ‘summary financials’ or expectations would a studio like this have once it is up and running e.g. what does the normalised annual revenue look like 3 years down the track?

    Have you talked to A.Teed – I could do an intro there, as they might be interested?

    Thinking about other insights and connections.

    I agree with Andy. ATEED is a good place to start. Pam Ford would be a good person to speak to about this.

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the swift response. Appreciate your time to ask the questions. Let me answer it to the best of my knowledge.

    1. (a) Pre-visualisation in film making is one of the key areas Hollywood directors use motion capture to get their digital storyboards correct, thus they save a huge amount in onset production. This will give Auckland based stunt and performing artists a lot of job opportunities. Lack of infrastructure will eventually ends in missing opportunities, and it is not possible for Wellington to take all the works that is coming into their pipeline, as it may not be feasible for them to take medium and low budgeted productions, since they are busy in producing blockbusters. I am in touch with AUT regarding this, and they are happy to assist with smaller productions as their capture volume is limited. (b) Same goes for animation production, and game development projects as well (c) Digital humans for Artificial intelligence, is another fast growing future tech that may need mocap for producing human realistic movements. (d) On the other hand, Motion capture may serve couple of other needs in the city as well – for sports analysis, Physio-rehabilitation using biomechanics are some of the other areas that we should be able to work with District health board, and hospitals. (Its an another extension of MoCap usage, but I am not an expert in biomechanics)

    2. Combined with IP creations with Hollywood and assisting various production services, I am expecting it to cross a 100m+ mark within 3 to 5 years time.

    3. I haven’t approached ATEED, Recently, I got added by Rob Lyver via LinkedIn, and I am requesting him an appointment right away.

    Kia Ora Anthony,

    I will look for Pam Ford, and get connected to seek her advice.


    Hey Ambrose, they say, we start something big, with one small step – that is an epic vision and scale, a couple thoughts – what could you show to the market from using AUT’s facilities? It is not perfect, but if you can get some contracts going, get some proof and confidence that might give some PR/profile and also make people believe this thing could be real to drive funding support and/or investment – small starts, lead to big opportunities in my view. Andy

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