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Kia Ora team,Firstly thank you for providing this platform to allow small business like mine navigate through Covid-19 and also access the wealth of knowledge and direction.I have recently started a business that helps individuals raise their awareness and understanding required to have a well-balanced social media experience. We run these workshops to increase online discipline, self-awareness and resilience. We specialize in delivering and designing a clear, visual and interactive workshop series around social media wellbeing and awareness.We know social media is such an important and awesome tool, however a lot of us do not have the right tools and appropriate level of mindfulness to navigate the social media world within the workplace and in their individual lives. This leads to addiction and a whole range of other issues, especially (but not limited to) our children and youth.I’m here on Manaaki to see if I can access a personal mentor of some sort please? I’ve been doing this alone and really need someone to guide me through Covid-19 (I have lost some business during this time) and also someone to help guide me with the direction I want to my business to grow into. I am needing help understanding the right business systems I need and also validating some of the ideas that I have for 2020 and beyond. Any help would be much appreciated.To get a better idea of my work please search: Digital Discipline on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you team,  Tony. 

Question submitted 16/04/20 @ 06:54am
Industry: Business Growth
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