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Kia ora team,I own Nature and Nosh Tours – we offer fully inclusive guided gourmet hiking tours in the Waikato and Coromandel. Pre covid, we had 99% international customers (mostly Aussies). I didn’t want to hibernate and wait for the trans-tasman bubble (which now seems even further away!). So, I decided to create a limited series of escapes for kiwi’s with our local guides. There’s only 6 places on each of the three set date escapes, and I put in more work to creating them than I care to think about. But – I can put on more dates if these sell out.I launched on Friday, and I’ve put a post up on the NZ Made page just waiting for it to be approved. I’ve also done one promoted FB and Insta targeted post so far. Here’s the campaign landing page with links to each escape: natureandnosh.co.nzI’d love for you great experts to take a look at the pages and make any suggestions on if I’m missing anything to help people book/convert? I’m probably banking too much on the NZ Made page post getting a lot of traction and enquiries, but I’ll need to put more into promotion after this if it doesn’t, so any suggestion would be amazing!My target audience is mostly NZ couples, 35 – 60 years (but room for a few solo travellers), interested in health and wellness but perhaps not super confident to organise a tramping escape on their own – or just don’t have the time and want to treat themselves to a getaway after maybe having an overseas holiday postponed. I’ve actively targeted Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as main centres. People would need to drive to the meeting point and we transport them during the escape from there (2 hours from Auckland), however, we can offer transfers in some instances.Thanks so much in advance!Kylie

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    Kylie – Firstly, congratulations on your pivot. What an amazing effort to completely change your business model!

    It sounds like you have so many good initiatives underway already. A few more places you could consider

    Get in touch with the local RTOs to see if you can get in any of their email marketing campaigns.

    Create a listing on NewZealand.com, Tourism NZ’s official website where they push all the marketing. register.newzealand.com

    There are a few more Facebook groups targeting those that travel.

    Travel Locally – http://www.facebook.com/cozymarkets
    Tourism Industry Covid-19 Support Group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/647725352678015

    Good luck! Leslie


    Non-technical answer, I just looked at your site, I really do love the way you have done it, I think they are beautiful tours, and I hope, I believe that if you can work through ‘who’ is your sweet spot customer/target then it is just a question of how you reach them, target them – and I am hoping we will bet some advisors to give you some input on that – because the product and experience just looks so great. Good on you for the hustle, the belief and the grind to keep going – you will win through if you keep that approach! Andy


    Hi Kylie,
    Great product and good on you for looking at how you can re-target NZ’ders.
    You might like to talk to http://www.thebigfoody.com/ – Elle Armon-Jones around how she is looking at the NZ market. She does food tours in the City, whereas yours is something quite different.
    Some great advice from Andy and Leslie.
    There will be a great many NZ’ders in the 50+ segment that will miss their “European walking holiday” so this is a prefect product to target that market. It is a matter of finding ways to target them. I am happy to introduce you to the team at Stuff who are promoting NZ travel products (send me an email at jonathan.cameron@elevatecp.co.nz). Stuff can also serve up a range of digital ads to a chosen demographic, or via the neighbourly platform (older set) also other targeted social media marketing is another technique on FB (you can pick a location and radius around it i.e. Big Law and Accounting / Banking offices) and LinkedIn (targeting particular titles – CEOs, CFOs etc).
    Another thing you could also do is take one of the presenters / invite one of the crew from Seven Sharp or The Project on a famil… could be a great piece to showcase what is on offer as a lot wouldn’t know about this at all, and a lot will be watching this in your segment.
    I do think you need to put yourselves in the NZ’ders shoes – I personally think the pick up from AKL may be seen as a hassle or waste of a day for some… we love to drive, so probably would rather drive to meet in the Coromandel than spend 3hrs in a minivan + you get to see/do more in region.
    I’d not forget about customers from the Waikato, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay as well – again a drive to the region, not a fly to AKL for pick-up (maybe fly for Hawkes Bay). We don’t explore our own place!
    I’d also think about shorter trips 1-2 night trips… particularly for the weekend market… An extension of the 1 day trip (short on time – I like!), but also want the overnight experience for a weekend away…
    Hope this helps!!


    Hi Kylie, my expertise is social media so my advice is in that area. You have a lot of great content and imagery already and your Instagram is on point. I have checked out your Facebook page and really happy to see that you are running ads as this is a great place to find your target demographic.

    I note that the two ads you have running are both targeting the tours themselves, and I presume these are going out to cold audiences.

    I want to suggest an alternative approach…

    Phase 1 – create some content that showcases your knowledge and imagery, but asks for nothing, and then run ads on it. Did you know this walking track ran this far, did you know there was a hiking trail here with the best coastal views in NZ, did you know this Kauri dates back to XXX and can be found here, etc. You know the content better than me… but aim to serve and add value, no more. You can include a link to your website via a ‘Learn More’ button which you can set up when you run an ad, but don’t ask anyone to click it… it’s just there if they want to.

    Phase 2 – Once you have run ads on the content in phase 1, you will be building warm audiences whom you have built trust with. Now in Facebook ads manager, create a new audience of all those who have engaged with your page or visited your website in the last X days and serve them your ads with a CTA about your tours. These warm audiences are far more likely to respond than cold audiences.

    Lastly – I would split test phase 2 with a messenger campaign. Literally just saying ‘ask us anything’ and using this to get the conversation started. It’s a nice soft approach to start a sales conversation.

    Good luck! I hope that you do brilliantly and that your hard work pays off.


    Nick McDonald


    Wow, thank you all so much taking the time to give me your valuable feedback, and for your kind words. These are all quality suggestions that I’ll be going through and ticking off meticulously.

    Leslie – Great suggestions, I’m on the local RTO’s radar, but need to give them another prompt I believe.

    Andy – Thank you! I’m not going to lie, it’s tough to keep the momentum going at the moment, I’m sure I’m not the only one though. I really believe in our tours, so that keeps me driven to see this through!

    Jonathan – I’d love an intro to the Stuff team, will send you an email shortly, thanks. I’ve run famils for trade before, but not for NZ reporters…a bit scary but, why not give it a nudge!

    Nick – I love that social media advertising approach and creating a ‘warm market’. I will definitely look to implement in the coming weeks 🙂

    I realise that the link I sent through was just to our main homepage, not The Guide Series landing page, so you will have seen our cornerstone tours but not the new escapes I’ve created for Kiwi’s: https://www.natureandnosh.co.nz/the-guide-series/

    (So yes, I’ve definitely made these escapes self drive for Kiwi’s!).

    The other initiative I’m working on (we are nearly there with it!), is a Corporate Strategy and wellness retreat – partnering up with a well-known conservation project. I’ve not offered anything in the corporate space before (although I used to be a conference organiser), so I might have to start a separate thread with questions on that since this has been super helpful.

    Kia ora

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