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Kia ora – thanks for all of the great information and support here. I’m enjoying the lives too!I’m new online – I set up an online store just before lockdown. A little while prior to that I started up my social media sites prioritising Instagram, then Facebook and a long way down the list is Pinterest.  I’m doing everything myself including playing about with the code on Shopify, the photography, SEO, social media content, website copy as well as making my own goods and working with other small businesses to curate some gift boxes I just expanded into doing.I would love if someone would look at my online store and give me feedback on opportunities to improve the experience/site.  And I would also love if someone could give me feedback on how I might improve my Insta or FB action.  I’m hopeless at FB.  Ultimately this all feeds into brand awareness/engagement/traffic growth > conversions.ngā mihi! x

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    Hi there Lisa – well done on what you’ve achieved so far. To provide feedback here we need to know what your brand / company / site is! Learning the skills yourself is a great place to start – these tools are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up unless you’re actually doing some of the doing. Let us know where to look and I’m sure some wiser heads than me will be happy to provide feedback as well.


    Hi there Lisa – well done on what you’ve achieved so far. To provide feedback here we need to know what your brand / company / site is! Learning the skills yourself is a great place to start – these tools are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up unless you’re actually doing some of the doing. Let us know where to look and I’m sure some wiser heads than me will be happy to provide feedback as well.


    Love to help…just share some more details and we’ll take a look and come back to you 🙂


    Hi Debra and Vicky – thanks so much for that!

    I’ve been trying to reply for the last few hours but unfortunately my replies are disappearing – odds are they’ll appear replicated in the morning!

    Rather than risk adding hyperlinks again via the toolset – my website is at https://koakoadesign.co.nz

    I’m on Instagram and Facebook as well under Koakoa Design.


    Hi Lisa the site looks gorgeous. Love the photography and the products.

    There have been some great posts covering a range of similar topics, and I have shamelessly copied into the post below…so full credit to the other advisors!

    While the website and products are looking amazing…it is probably also worth taking a step back and asking yourself what are you trying to achieve for your business and then what are the actions you need to put in place to achieve those goals. In answering those questions, you will also be able to optomise your website and map out how you will engage on fb and insta.

    I’d split the ask into 3 areas; building your brand, finding your unique customer value proposition and marketing your services.
    Depending on the time you have to dedicate to this will determine how far you take my recommended approach below.
    I’d start with the lean canvas which can help you to determine your own angle. How you’ll stand out vs the competition. Who your competitors are. What your unique value proposition is. What your unfair advantage is. How you’ll price your services to be competitive and sticky. https://leanstack.com/leancanvas
    Once you’ve had a crack at the top line canvas I’d then suggest developing a more detailed plan using an old marketing framework: SOSTAC, which stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, Control.
    * Situation assesses where a business is presently (Where are you now? Who are the competition? What’s the market size? who are your target customers and where are they? Are there any gaps your business could fill? Etc)
    * Objectives sets the mission or goals for the business (Where do you want to be? What are the 3-5 objectives you have for the business? E.g. For the first year: To grow the salon business revenues from $x to $x with a profit of x%. To achieve a product sales target of $x. To grow our customer base to x. To drive brand awareness in our local community by x%.)
    * Strategy is an overview of how to achieve the objectives (How do you get there? What are the high level strategies you’ll deploy to reach your objectives? E.g. Target customers and drive acquisition through onboarding offers. Raise brand awareness in the community using targeted comms, etc etc).
    * Tactics are the details of strategy (e.g. the marketing mix. These are the specific initiatives you’ll employ to deliver on your strategies. E.g. Targeted FB ads, join local business networks, conduct door flyer drops, write articles for local press, offer a recurring revenue bundle such as a subscription to your salon service that comes with associated products (this will assist with managing cash flow and provide some predictability on revenues), raise your own profile in the community through social good etc etc).
    * Actions how do you ensure excellent execution of the plan. (E.g. Using simple planning tools you can plot your tactical initiatives across a calendar).
    * Control establishes how you know whether you are getting there (What do you need to monitor? E.g. Put in place simple measurement tools to allow you to understand what tactics are achieve if the best outcome for your business. Use A/B split testing with your ads on FB, monitor if there was a spike in website traffic or sales after an article was published in the local press, after promoting your subscription based offer via, say a member get member offer, did you see a significant uptake? Etc etc).
    By systematically working through each of the areas above you’ll land on a clear direction and the tactical efforts you need to take the business forward.
    Further information can be found here;
    SOSTAC® marketing planning model guide

    Once you have this clarity you can dive into the next level of detail on how to promote in social media, and here are some resources for that;

    Also, lots of cool and easy to use apps to create content (depending on what your communication goals are).
    Canva.com is great for all sorts of marketing templates.
    Instagram has Hyperlapse, Boomerang and Layout – all standalone apps for content creation on your phone.
    Videoshop is good for video edits.
    Stopmotion studio is a good one for simple, interesting stop motion videos.

    Hope that is helpful. All the best, Vicky


    Hey Lisa – this group/link for Facebook might help you watch some videos around Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/watch/facebookappNZ/235283657807310/ Andy


    Kia ora koutou and thank you so much for all of your tips – I’ll work through those over the next wee while!

    I think the main thing is I’m doing it all myself as many small biz owners do.

    Leading the biz.
    Marketing the biz.
    Running the business.
    Being the sole employee.
    Content creator.
    Supplying the biz (I handmake key products).

    L&D is important in every biz esp small ones so I am constantly working on developing new knowledge and skills and applying them to the biz.

    So I was really wondering if rather than me being the sole biased person looking at the fruits of my research and labour if there were any avenues for website audits/social media audits where someone was able to objectively review the tactics I was using in those spaces and identify any opps to improve awareness/engagement/conversion. Or if there were businesses/resources in NZ which I could connect with around this. I have a few ideas but thought I’d check here if there were resources or avenues I might not be aware of.

    No problem if not – the tips are very much appreciated! They point me in new directions or validate approaches I’ve taken or give me a new lens to review what I’m doing which all helps.


    Hi Lisa a totally common challenge! Yes there are lots of suppliers who will offer that service and there may be some Manaaki advisors who can assist – hopefully there will be some replies come through. @Duncan Shand at https://youngshand.com/ for example. Wendy at Socialites https://www.socialites.co.nz/ is another option. Just be clear on your budget and the outcomes you want to achieve.


    Hi Lisa,
    There are plenty of options for you, including subsidised support for different agencies through the Regional Business Partner Network http://www.nzte.govt.nz/common/regional-business-partner-network.
    You have made a great start and I love your concept. I would personally like to see more of your ‘storytelling’, including short video content that could be also shared by your fabulous community of Makers. Be confident you are on the right track, and keep building on the solid foundation you have created.


    Ata marie Lisa – love what you’re doing and go you for being such a warrior in doing it all yourself!

    A few additional thoughts from me, other than what’s been mentioned already:
    1. Outsourcing – you could try getting a VA (virtual assistant) who can do all the donkey work of social posting. lots of options out there – just google and find a fit for you.
    2. There are also agencies like Automation Agency https://automationagency.com/ – which, for a monthly sub, do lots of things including design, marketing, tech.
    3. Your website – you might want to consider having something on your home page that talks to your personal story – why you’re doing this. helps bring it life.
    4. Some of your images really zing – e.g. the one of poi beside the window sill, or the tea dyed pois shot in the bowl with chop sticks. Stunning!! Photography is everything – esp on Insta – so think about angles, close ups, lighting. Spice it up. Too many shots taken down onto product can take their life away. Also I was curious as to your use of B&W on your blog page. Perhaps a personal thing, but it took away a little from the beauty of your products.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Go well

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