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Kia Ora we are a Maori business and we want to level up our digital marketing. Can anyone suggest who we can contact to help us out. Nga manaakitanga

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    Kiley – thanks for getting in touch. There are lots of marketing advisors – but finding the one who is right for you takes a bit of “discovery”.
    Tell us MORE about your business first. Because that helps you find an advisor who has worked with businesses like yours before (it’s important)
    1 – what do you sell / make?
    2 – who buys what you sell / make?
    3 – where / how do they buy (online, retail store, wholesale)
    4 – How many years have you been in business?
    5 – what’s your website URL?

    Here are good questions for you to ask the potential advisor
    1 – Tell me about your clients (who are they, what do they sell / make)
    2 – What sort of marketing did they do before you worked with them and what do they do now? (get them to tell you a story)
    3 – What increase in sales did the clients get after marketing with you? After what period of time? (this helps you set budget expectations – if you can’t afford to spend $10,000 a month to get $50,000 of additional sales – then this marketing approach won’t suit you)
    4 – What do you think we should do in digital marketing? (get them to give you ideas, techniques, methods. Write these down because you may be able to discuss these with other advisors to gain a broader view of what’s possible)
    5 – What do you think we should do in non-digital marketing? (There are lots of other avenues which you should also include in your marketing plan)
    6 – Ask them to give you references (phone each of them and ask them questions 1,2 and 3 above). See if their story concurs with the marketing advisor’s story.

    And yes, if you are in business to business (selling to other businesses) I’d be happy to chat and answer these questions.
    Here are lots of marketing ideas articles which are on my blog. https://bit.ly/34dJFid
    They may help you to get started with background research and learning about what’s possible.


    Kia ora Kiley,
    Our business Te Whare Hukahuka is a Maori social enterprise that specialises in e-commerce and digital marketing coaching and training if you are keen to get in touch.
    You can check out more about us here: https://www.twh.co.nz/
    We have experience helping many Maori businesses grow online, and were spotted by Shopify (global e-commerce leader) and they partnered with us to deliver our quality training to our other indigenous cousins globally. Like Rebecca mentions, it will be good to learn more about your business and see how we can help.
    Cheers, Shay Wright
    Co-founder of TWH


    Kia ora Rebbeca,

    Thanks for an awesome response. At the core of what we do is our passion of sharing Maori culture.

    We have three types of services that we deliver in the Top of the South Island,

    Maori development
    which is working with iwi and Maori orgs, marae with marae development, cultural and language revitalisation

    Tikanga Maori workshops
    which are one-day workshops teaching basic te reo Maori and tikanga and who to engage with Maori this is mainly for community groups and NGO’s. I believe there is a big market and opportunity here.

    tourism for the cruise ship market.
    Obviously not happening at the moment but I also think this has huge potential. All previous seasons have been great for us.

    Merch Brand
    We have also recently started a kaupapa Maori merch brand which promotes te reo Maori and inspires and empowers our community. The merch brand is being led by my teenage daughters and has been doing well.

    We have been in business for the past 6 years and have added different services to the mix. We started Tikanga Maori workshops last year and the merch line is a few months old.

    our website is http://www.hawaikikura.com

    The questions you have suggested are great and I will certainly use them when finding the right mix for us.

    We haven’t really done any marketing before and want to focus on digital and non-digital marketing to help bring awareness to the mahi we do and to our brand. We know what we do is special because we literally have overseas guests cry when they come on our experiences which is similar to what happens on the tikanga workshops. Our whanau and our lifestyle is a big part of our brand as well.

    Thanks again for your response.

    Hawaiki Kura


    Kia ora Shay,

    Ngā mihi ki a koe, I’m aware of the awesome mahi you guys do. I’ll send an email through to you as well.


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