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Kia ora, we are a professional services organisation and we provide learning and development services nationwide.  Our normal models of working involve us travelling around the country by car and air, and also bringing our own team (just under 100) and other groups together around the country for hui, workshops and the like.  It is our reading of the current alert levels, that at level 2, we will predominantly continue to work remotely because we can (although some smaller engagements may be able to take place face-to-face) and we will not be holding events/training sessions (usually between 10 – 90 people).  I am currently forecasting and reworking budgets which look very different depending on whether we are travelling or not, and so my question is, understanding that none of us have a perfect crystal ball, what are people’s predictions as to how long level 2 might last?  How long are you modelling your level 2 scenarios for?  Thanks so much for your thoughts.

Question submitted 22/04/20 @ 08:20am
Industry: Services
  • Definitely no crystal ball here…. most of the businesses I work with are thinking that Level 2 might last to somewhere near the end of the year. The optimists are thinking August or September, the pessimists December or January. But honestly, we have absolutely no idea…

    I have heard forecasts / expectations that air travel will rebound to 30% of former volume by March 2021, and 60% by December 2021.

    Our business is like most traditionally face-to-face and involves travel.
    We are assuming worst case re: travel restrictions (another 12 – 18 months for international) and considering how we can better use technology to deliver our services at a lower cost and with lower risk until we are able to travel freely/safely.

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