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Kia ora We are a tech start up ture.co.nz and have decided to outsource our sales to onboard lawyers. I would like to do an initial campaign to test how it goes before spending more.  Can you please advise:1.  Who you can recommend as an sales provider and2. What kind of budget should I be expecting for a) test campaign, and b) full campaign (please note as a bootstrapped start up we have a very limited budget.Thank you Julia

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    Morena Julia – from what I can see you ‘help’ people who are looking for legal services connect with lawyers who can provide these services? Right? A marketplace for lawyers?

    Now, I think what you are asking for is guidance/insights on how to run a campaign to identify lawyers to sign-up and maybe you are asking that you might ‘partner’ with an organisation who can run that process for you – identify with you the profile of lawyers you are looking for, and then go out ‘online’ and build a funnel through to conversion – the outcome is that you end up with a bunch of lawyers on your platform who can service the demand from the marketplace?

    When you talk about budget – and this task – it would be good to write up a brief around what you are looking for as an outcome and then work back from that. How many lawyers would you like on the platform as an initial pilot or test? I would think about how much you could earn from this lawyer over the next 12 months, and then think about how much of that you would be prepared to pay the ‘finder’ for that as a success fee? Do those numbers work?

    Now one thing – I reckon when you do a startup, I think the founders need to do most things themselves, you might not have the skills, you might not have the history, but if you do it, all it costs is your time – and then once you have done it, you can work out what you really need to guide a partner to do it for you – I would encourage you to think about this.

    If you don’t have time, and want to get someone to do this with you – think about what skills are needed – is this sales skills, or is this recruitment skills, is this digital skills e.g. is that about hunting on Linked In and Law Groups, or Law Recruiters – is it running Facebook Adverts etc – really think about the ‘outcome’ you are looking for from the trial plus the ‘how’ – and then it can be unpacked. Good luck.

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