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Kia Ora,I am a small baby, kids and clothing line https://nineteesbaby.com At the moment i am sourcing my bespoke design product out of America but due to Covid-19 hitting America i am stuck with huge fulfilment times and also lack of product stock with logistical breakdowns and delays. I am wanting to setup a second production line preferably in Asia so that i could try and get my product created out of there as their lockdown eases. My question is that i would love some advice on where to look for Asian Manufacturers and how to engage with one.Nga mihi nui,Kat

Question submitted 02/06/20 @ 09:29am
Industry: Manufacturing
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    Morning Kat – we have heard about the pressure on these supply chains, it is super tough. Shortest routes to finding answers to this would be either talking directly to other importers who get the factories to make their products (ask for their contacts) or identifying the local ‘brokers’ here in NZ who will source for you from the factories. Often people have to do the latter to start with, and then over time you may replace the broker when you want and need a direct relationship with the factories if volume grows.

    I would try to reach out to other owners – and explain your situation and see what they can do to help you. Andy

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