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Kia oraI am the director of a food subscription company (www.tasteit.co.nz) Our primary target group is to help people diagnosed with cancer (with specific meal plans relating to their cancer type/ phenotype) or chronic disease and those who are motivated to eat healthy organic meals. We receive emails from people, particularly cancer patients from around the world asking if our service is in their country.My first questions are how can I license my business to offer our IP to organic growers, suppliers, nutrition suppliers, etc in other countries, to supply Taste it meal plans. A vision I have is to build a recipe meal plan management application for cancer patients across the world to access and use. Question; can you put me in contact with people/organisations that build applications? Also information on potential funding available? Unfortunately, cancer is increasing,  18.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018, it is the number cause of death in many countries. Cancer metabolic therapy is gaining huge momentum due to scientific research and anecdotal evidence of the survival rate for cancer patients undergoing this non-toxic therapy. Healthy eating plays a critical component in the current standard of care-chemo, radiotherapy, and metabolic therapy cancer survival rates. Thank youYours in healthWayne Borell 

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    Hi Wayne,
    Such an interesting space to be working in right now.

    I think it is worth going through a couple of critical steps;
    – have you thought about which markets specifically to target? It is worth identifying 2-3 potential markets and doing some research before you go further
    – then dive in – do those markets have competitors offering a similar service?
    – how would your offer be differentiated?
    – how would your offer add value to a licensee? What materials would you offer and for what charge? How would that create a sustainable business for both of you?
    – what other costs would you need to budget to create this model?
    Once you have completed that step you can really focus in which markets you will work in and what you app needs to cover to set you up for success..
    Good luck! Vicky


    hi, this is an interesting space and I agree before you leap in you should really have a clear view of what your competitive advantage is in each of these markets and what makes what you do hard to duplicate. That being said if you want to look at application development there are a few options available, this can be a black hole, so having clarity up front is critical. If you want to progress this drop me a line and I can connect you with some providers, 0275349258

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