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Kia oraI am wanting to know if there are funding applications to allow me to offer my services to struggling families without them having to pay or pay full price so i can be paid or partner with a service that does this. I know alot of people do not get treatment due to financial strain and if I could partner with someone to finance my clinic to support whanau and communities.

Question submitted 04/08/20 @ 09:29am
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
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    Kia ora,

    What is your business? Are you in the health services space? Some organisations run a “buy-one, give-one” model or a “pass it forward Model” where the full paying clients can fund the delivery of services to other clients who would not have the resources to pay.

    Key is determining your business model – how much can you charge for your services and is there enough profitability to be able to offer those services cheaper or for free to whānau and communities?

    Happy to offer suggestions of other organisations who run these models, depending on what business you are in.

    Ngā mihi nui,



    Morena – finding partners for your project that will support Whanau is a great thing – the challenge is finding that person – all my experience and observation in the past is that these connections come up as a result of networking and the work you do to share your vision, and eventually someone turns up or believes in your vision and values, and has the resources to support you. I can’t offer much more advice other than networking, preparation and being able to communicate what this could be and the benefit to society. There are a series of impact initiatives like what Akina do for helping with getting investment ready that might help. Good luck, Andy

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