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Kia ora,I am your typical young, curious, country Maori man that grew up in your typical country Maori lifestyle. I love it and the lifestyle and people will always be with me and be there for me. I have also always been curious. Always wanting to learn and grow. This took me away from the country, completing a photography course. I then headed to Sydney (for the greener pastures?) which took me into construction. 13 years down the track I finally came to conclusions that this wasn’t me and had to make changes. I then joined a course and have just recently finished a cert IV in web technologies online whilst working.Now finishing the course, and Open Colleges not willing to help in the next steps, I’m now looking for advice in where to go from here. How do I get the first gig? Kia ora,Scott Hutcheson

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Industry: Digital and Technology
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    Kia Ora Scott

    Firstly, congratulations on finding your passion. So awesome that you have made a decisive move and got the qualification.

    Next step is landing the right job and company. One that you can thrive and grow in. One where you are listened to and developed. A large organisation will typically offer you structured support which is something to keep in the think tank.

    Food for thought
    A smaller organisation (SME) often will allow more self management but requires a confidence and initiative to thrive as you often need to create the structure yourself

    Web Technologies has me thinking could you be a temp (more likely in an sme) or permanent person (more likely in a larger organisation). Then there is contracting interdependently which needs financial independence to work as the income is unpredictable.

    So where to start?
    Make sore your resume is right up to scratch with good detail. Even the attitude and responsibility sights from your construction can set you in good stead. Check out examples on google.
    Think about organisations that you might be interested in. Research them and see if the web story aligns with your thinking.
    Make seek your best friend. Cruise it every day. Get broad searches set up so that they are sent to you. Think about the job titles that would be possible and the different ways that a business that is not a web tech specialist might think of this job.
    Apply for roles and follow up with a phone call to stand out.

    Check out my article on linkedin on searching for a job. This goes into heaps of good detail.

    Call me if you want to I am happy to chat .
    All the best and keep on rock’in



    Congratulations on your journey so far. Anna has great advice above.

    Given you are making a career shift you probably need to think about your CV differently than other people. Take a look at this link – https://www.seek.co.nz/career-advice/how-to-write-a-skills-based-cv – for how to do a skills based CV.

    When you are looking on Seek or Indeed or anything other job site – make note of any recruitment firms that are advertising for these roles on behalf of companies. You can also find those names on roles that are adjacent to your area of speciality. I would not be suprised if you reached out to a recruitment firm and asked for input on your CV if they would not help you. It is in their interest to help as you could be a potential placement and fee for them. It also helps to put you on their radar screen.

    I’d also look in to any local associations or group meetings that occur in your local area. Those networking events, at least in NZ, can be great avenues in to companies. Whilst you can find a role via Seek having ways to make personal connections with people always helps you stand out from the crowd.

    Hope the above helps.


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