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Kia oraI hope to connect with a high networth individual with a philanthropic, world-bettering mindset. We’re asking for $$ (obviously). We’re offering a holiday retreat home / bunker (off grid, permacutlture, flowing river, all the good stuff) on our rural property in Southland.I hold a strong passion for growth, futurism and regeneration. We have number of startups and projects answering big questions. It appears to be the time to go full steam with them and this partnership would be a huge step to ramping up our impact. We’re asking for a lot and making an offer to reciprocate that. I believe our offer goes beyond what money can even buy. This relationship could only work with the perfect person. A cash and ethics rich, but time and land poor someone, who grasps concepts like rural enrichment and the necessary shift towards a sharing ecconomy.I’m quite convinced such a person exists and that this relationship is possible. I just don’t know where to search or who to ask.There’s some advice that would be well received Nga mihiZeb

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  • Kia ora Zeb, most people that know high net wealth individuals are usually pretty protective about their network, and are going to want a referral from someone else in their network before they even consider an introduction. The person you’re looking for most certainly exists but to get the type of engagement you want you’re going to need to enroll the support of someone that believes in your vision and your business. I’d suggest making a formal approach with a supporting business plan to an Angel Investment group like Ice Angels for a start, they’re probably at the epicentre of community of people you’re wanting to engage.

    Thats awesome thanks Patrick.

    Morena Zeb – epic, love the korero and the values that you are sharing with us – thank you. I have had quite a bit of experience of ‘matching’ founders with investors over the years, and I would even call it a super-power of mine, and at times it can be slightly random. It is also one of the hardest things to do for founders to find that match. I remember when I started the Icehouse in the early 2000’s and I started asking people for money and just got no after no after no after no – on reflection that was because (1) we had no track record (2) I had no track record (3) we did not know what we were doing (4) we could not communicate well (5) we did not research our targets well enough e.g. we did not validate the investor market to understand what they wanted – and I could go on.

    For you – focusing on what you are doing first, the power of the narrative is really important, getting your own story right and putting images and potentially video together into a package that you can easily share. I would think about ‘multiple projects’ as this may scare off investors who think you could be de-focused – find the best project that you think will resonate and start with that maybe, unless they all tie together naturally.

    For the investors – I would spend some time learning about the investor market, what their interests are and validating the interests so you can get clarity on ‘who’ and ‘what’ might be the profile of your sweet spot investor – then you can start with that profile to go out and hunt for them – it is really a numbers game, e.g. to get one investor, you are probably going to need to engage with over 50 investors – e.g. 2% hit rate is often pretty normal.

    Last thing, don’t forget your 1st and 2nd degree of separation for investment – people who know you, like you, believe in your vision already have a relatoinship and that will be much easier than getting a stranger to invest. If that is not going to work, why not do a ‘mini-project’ to show what is potential – then release that onto the social world to bring in investor interest?

    Good luck, Nga Mihi, Andy

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