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Kia ora,I own a business in the construction/trades industry. I am wanting to hire people. What is the paper work I need to have to hire them? i.e contract etc? Where do I get these templates from?

Question submitted 28/08/20 @ 01:46pm
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  • HI there

    https://www.employment.govt.nz/ is a great place to start to get an understanding of what is required. There are plenty of templates and Guides located here.

    Kia ora,

    MBIEs Employment website is set up really well to provide you a great step by step template completion process.

    This link here: https://www.employment.govt.nz/starting-employment/employment-agreements/types-of-employment-agreements/ allows you to choose the right type of contract (if this is one-off, one at a time I’d recommend the Individual Employment Agreements) and then step by step select the clauses you’d like.

    Once you’ve selected all the components, they will email the copy to you and you can then add your logo, save to your own drives etc.

    Do you also need help knowing the additional documentation eg IRD requirements etc or are you sorted?

    Mauri ora!

    Following on from other advice also Employers Association would be a good membership to have. Each region has their own website. In Canterbury for example it is cecc.org.nz and most offer free employment advice as well as regular training courses etc.

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