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kia ora,I’m writing to ask about my prints.  I am an artist who sells entertainment and arts content in physical form and digitally, although things aren’t moving as well as I would hope, in fact I am basically moving nothing at all. I use facebook predominantly as my source for running promotions and can’t afford to run ads right now.  I have two websites: rogerwhiteside.com which is set up in a blog on wordpress and rogerwhiteside.co.nz which is free hosted.I realise I need to perform my music to gain traction with a fan base etc and probably to hold exhiibitions to sell art, I just don’t have any funding behind me to initiate anything.  I have little to no equipment other than a computer, really basic phone and the internet (which actually is a lot and helps heaps).Any advice for what to do next would be amazing and much appreciated thank you.

Question submitted 13/08/20 @ 09:20am
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  • Kia ora Roger – The best thing you can do right now is to connect to potential customers to build a community with view towards building a relationship with them based on your shared appreciation of art and music. What you need to understand is that approximately only 3% of your total market, let’s call them customers interested in buying local prints, are in buy-now mode at any specific point in time. So, reaching that market is actually pretty tough, and expecting them to buy when they know very little about you is probably a little unrealistic.

    As an example, I buy a lot of art and prints, and while your name is familiar to me I can’t say that I’ve ever seen your work before, however I am interested to learn more, view your prints (and see if it appeals to my personal tastes) learn about your story and journey and then decide if theres a print of yours that I’d like to buy.

    My recommendation would be to start following local artists and print makers on FB and Instagram that are really engaged with their community (fans and buyers) and start engaging authentically in those communities. Introduce yourself to the artists, comment on their work and also connect and engage with their followers with a view to building your own following. Make sure that your own profiles look good and shows off your best work and as people begin to engage with you make sure you respond to everyone, alongside this make sure to share your own content regularly on a basis that you sustain longterm.

    If you do this in a really focused way, and set yourself some clear goals e.g. authentically connect to 100 artists and build a following of 100 genuine art lovers you’ll then have the foundation to be able to market your products directly to people that are genuinely interested in buying it. And guess what… It costs you nothing but your time ☺️

    Hey Roger – do you sell prints as well as music – I could not see the prints on the two sites – was I looking in the wrong place? Andy

    Awesome, thank you for your reply. I will try what you’ve said.

    Hi Andy. I’d like to sell prints, there is a selection of art on rogerwhiteside.com in various blog posts.

    HI Rog – I found them! They look pretty nice. I think Pat’s advice is pretty spot on – he is way more experienced then me, I was really thinking about your ‘story’ being stronger on the site, and also the ‘imagery’ of your prints so that people can see them and go ‘I want to buy one of those’ – there are lots of sites that have good imagery, check them out on Instagram or you can look at the some of the stories in Chooice which are pretty good – https://chooice.co.nz/store/leda/

    One other option is that you find someone to help you build the profile up online and give them a commission on sales – these people are harder to find, and to be good, but that is an option.

    I did like Pat’s guidance, all the best Andy

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