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Kia ora,We are a Non profitable organisation that runs youth and women’s fitness programs through our sports club. We are wanting to create a website. Could anyone please give some advice on how is the best way to create this and the easiest and cheapest please?

Question submitted 05/05/20 @ 02:15pm
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  • Hi there,

    The right approach depends on your organizations broader objectives and what your looking to achieve by setting up a website. The first question I’d ask is ‘what purpose the site is going to serve?’

    The answer to that question (and a number of others) will determine the approach.

    If a website ends up being the right decision then I’d suggest a simple platform like http://www.squarespace.com – it’s very easy to set up and update with a reasonable subscription fee.

    However, if budgets are tight and you’re looking to grow your reach then an alternative strategy might be to simply use Facebook to create a community of interest around your fitness offering with links out to google docs/sheets/slides for deeper content, e.g. fitness program schedules etc.

    Happy to help further if you’re able to provide further clarification.


    There’s also the option that Manaaki is offering, in collaboration with Swiftly, to create free online stores for 1000 small businesses… If you are selling your programmes on your website then that would probably constitute a ‘store’. Find out more at https://lnkd.in/ehz4npZ #1000FreeWebsites #NZNeedsManaaki

    Kia ora,

    Good luck with your youth and women’s fitness programmes – hopefully the sports club will be able to open at Level 2. To reiterate Russ’s point – the key question is what do you want the website do for you? What problem are you solving – attracting new members, communicating and engaging with existing members, providing online offerings? Answering this will assist you to identify next steps. As Tui said the Manaaki/Swiftly offering might be just the answer. Check it out and ask – always the best way to find out. Also don’t be shy to follow up with Russ’s offer to help further – we all want our NZ businesses to succeed so keep reaching out. Good luck and keep up the great work in the fitness and wellness space – needed now more than ever.

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