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looking for ways to promote NZ without having a advertising  budget

Question submitted 04/05/20 @ 07:30pm
Industry: Tourism
  • Hi there,

    Your number one strategy should be using the audience you already have to promote you first. Send out an email, or go onto your social media page and tell them how much it would mean to you to get a great review you can share, or for them to share your service with their friends. Would love to give you some advice that’s a little more tailored to your particular business if you’d like to leave some more details about what your business does 🙂

    Hi Jennyn – Would be great if you could clarify a bit more about your target market, so we can offer more specific advice.

    A good place to start, if you are trying to reach the international market, is to ensure your business is listed on Tourism NZ’s official website, Newzealand.com. You can register through https://register.newzealand.com. There is no cost to this.

    Utilising your existing marketing assets is another way, with no budget. Monique had some great advice with your email database. You can also use your database to ask for referrals. If you made an offer of a discount in the future, perhaps you might get more uptake. Refer people to your Facebook or Instagram pages, if you have these. If not, it’s free to create, and you can invite your friend and your database to like these pages.

    I’ve seen a few tourism operators come together with joint offerings. This enables you to leverage each other’s databases.

    This group on Facebook is for the Tourism industry. You may get some good ideas on what others are doing.

    A few ideas to add to the mix.

    Hi Jennan!

    Join this Facebook group and tell everyone what’s great about your business. It’s called New Zealand Made Products.

    Also some tactics for free marketing on Social Media include:
    1. Competitions
    2. Collaborate with other businesses/people on social who can tag/mention you.
    3. Be social! Identify your target audience and go and start conversations with them on Instagram.
    4. Use hashtags to be discovered by your ideal target market.


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