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Many businesses right now are stuck with product behind closed doors. They are not equipped to move product online. NZ has no affordable central marketplace like Amazon wher businesses can setup a mini store list product, and join as a group to market to it’s own end customers to bring buyers thus helping every other small business who has done the same to generate revenue. Right now consumers cannot even find essential local services or products with ease. Heck we have never even been able to find local made in NZ products without hunting to support even those businesses. Would Manaaki help support the launch of a centralized marketplace so businesses have that tool. My build is just about ready. Check it out. Businesses need Shoppers and shoppers need to find products fast. Im making it free for everyone. And all the business will need is their logo, description, products, and their Eftpos merchant ID to enable payments to be settled. Check it out. I need help from a few business experts to help this get launched. It is due to be completed in 2 weeks. www.shopper.co.nz 

Question submitted 18/04/20 @ 06:06am
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    Hey I love the concept and the site looks good. Well done!

    I think the folks at Buy NZ Made would be interested in hearing about this. I believe their CEO is doing video podcasts at the moment. Suggest touching base with him in the first instance.

    What specific help do you need for launch?


    Given that in this website, their must be many business owners whom have products or services.
    If any business wants to setup while the site is still in construction beta mode, they can.
    Businesses can begin setting up and have their mini store ready!
    This will also help with beta testing.
    Any business can contact me directly from the website.
    It will be 100% free for every business that joins.
    No purchasing can be done until the payment gateways is fully integrated.
    But that is only a week and a bit away.
    Only by coming together can we create a NZ Centralized Solution which long term will give a greater purpose for helping and communicating all sorts of community projects

    Buy NZ made companies would be welcome to use Shopper. It would take about an hour to identify what categories would need to have a Buy NZ Made category and simply add it.
    This so everyone can find products, then it is just a matter of populating that category with Buy NZ made products.


    The founders of the business Unleashed have created a marketplace called Good Products Matter. Perhaps have a look to see if this good be useful in the immediate team. https://goodproductsmatter.com/


    I had a look at your suggestion and attempted to use it.
    It is not a centralized solution for businesses to promote product, its more of a directory that promotes the business, which then requires you to click that business link which takes you to that businesses website, which then you have top search that website for what you are looking for.

    Shopper is extremely fast, organized, its helps any business present their business, products or services which they have offer.
    You can create your own store, very fast, which every product you add, generates within your created store your own store mini catalogue.
    Every single mini catalogue / store, that has a product added, pushes that product into our front facing catalogue so anyone can find what they are looking for fast.

    That site is very much a different business model. But an excellent idea to contact inventory management companies!

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