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Me and my friends have a business called the Mahi Dogs. We are live streamers, content dreaters, a clothing company, barber and ta moko shop and also music designers. What my question is, How do I explain all of these under one business without sounding like we are in over our heads. We love each part of these industries and it makes us unique, the environment is fun and authentic that feeds of each other but when I try to explain what we are it just sounds a bit cluttered if that makes sense.Also we are trying to get funding to Kickstart our business. What would be the best route to do so as we are not just digital and technology, nor just retain and design we are a few of these. Theres not another business that has or is all of these industries in oneMy name is Renata by the way and thank you for the help.

Question submitted 04/05/20 @ 12:15pm
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    Hi Renata. That does sound busy 🙂
    This may be a better question for the marketing and branding forum since I expect the real issue you will face is one of market positioning. A clear identity is key to cut-through.
    Unless there is a clear way to summarise the offering/activity.



    Hi Renata, Nice brand name, I like it! I just checked you guys out on Facebook to see how you positioned yourselves there and it seems to be all about gaming.

    I think that Mahi Dogs could be a ‘creative shop’ with experience in multiple areas – digital, gaming, clothing, design – all things creative. Perhaps everything except the barbershop could fit quite snugly. I also like that on Facebook you position yourselves as “Positive role models for Māori” which could take you in some really interesting directions with a key demographic of potential customers to target and support.

    But you would need a lot more content around the other parts of your business, always with a focus on your creative ideas.

    I hope that helps!


    hey Renata
    What you guys are up to sounds cool.
    I’m not sure to what ends you’d like to have 1 brand?
    It seems to me that you’re more of a collective? Ie a group of individuals working together sharing space and back office functionality with some slight customer crossover?
    To me, having just one brand would be a little odd as a customer. Would I look to my barber to mix me some sweet beats, or buy a hoodie. I’m not sure.
    If you’re like D12 with your own rap names underneath it makes sense to have the one overall brand, but if they’re markedly different offerings, I’d advocate the collective approach for resources, and keep your own independent brands running underneath. That also allows flexibility for the individual business owner to sell/grow etc. You’ll avoid the pitfalls of too many shareholders being unable to reach an agreement on, well anything….


    Hi Renata,

    Ultimately I think you want to define what you want your overarching Brand Experience to be. That starts with a purpose for your collective, and the promise that you want to make to your customers, on which you need to deliver across all the different sub-brands that you have, and all the touchpoints within those brands.

    At the high level, from there I’d define your overarching positioning and strategy – what is it that you want to achieve together as a collective in the next 2-5 years, and how will you get there? What makes you different from others in the market? This is what will tie all of these organizations together.

    One thing I also think is important to understand > do you all target the same customer? If the target customer base is wildly different you may want to think about how you go to market, as your messaging may get confusing.

    I hope this helps~



    Morena Renata – looking back over these questions you had and some of the answers, how are you going? Andy

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