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Morena. We are 2 women in Whakatane whom work as support workers. We would like to start a business and do this for ourselves. And perhaps travel and work in  Pukehina. Te Puke. Papamoa. As well as the Eastern Bay of Plenty.Would it be possible to meet with someone or chat somehow to get an idea of what to do…I have some ideas around this. Name… Services we would offer… We need some help please. Joanne and Dorothea.

Question submitted 15/05/20 @ 10:01am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Morena Joanne and Dorothea – a few options for you – you could register with Business Mentors NZ for a mentor – https://www.businessmentors.org.nz/startup-mentoring – check out the link. Separately, a good friend of mine who used to run the Chamber in Whakatane, Ged Casey would be happy to have a chat with you if that was helpful – if you are keen on that, please email me @manaaki.io">andy.hamilton@manaaki.io and I will link you in. All power to you. Andy

    Kia ora korua,

    I’d also reach out to the peak body, Carers NZ, and see what information they can provide to assist start-ups in this area.

    See: http://carers.net.nz

    Good luck with it!

    Ki ora. Thank you Andrew and Peter.
    We would appreciate Andrew if you could link us in please.
    Nga mihi
    Joanne and Dorothea

    All done via email Joanne and Dorothea

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