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Morning- we are in the process of rolling into offshore markets- now with Covid 19 travel/  face to face will now not be an option.  I believe if I can access the right people directly – (the buyers) though connections this may still work. Lucky our products are always in demand- welcome thoughts. Thank you 

We launched in November 2019 in NZ and now just rolling into Australia.

I had planed to visits’ international tradeshows to get other markets quickly, UK, Asia and the USA.

Its hard now to get in front of the right people in these markets so need to find people who have the connections to do the introductions.  We are happy to consider exclusive in the right markets.

Noopii products

  • Noopii is a mass market mainstream brand appealing to a wide demographic of consumers.
  • Products and packaging are made from 70% plant based renewable and sustainable materials.
  • Contain pure New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol to prevent nappy rash.
  • A cotton blend backsheet for superior softness, comfort and breathability, our products are also hypoallergenic.
  • Certified Excellence by Dermatest Institute, based in Germany, world leaders in independent research specialising in patch skin testing.
  • Performance driven, offering up to 12-hour leak protection, giving parents peace of mind.
  • Free from chlorine, dioxins, latex, perfumes, lotions and dyes.
  • Noopii outperforms all leading brands in performance, comfort, quality and sustainability.
  • Strong social and environmental drivers are at the heart of the Noopii premium brand.
  • Convenience pack size format – to easily fit on shelves.

Noopii products, branding and campaigns are intended for mainstream mass market; we offer


  • Higher margins
  • Educational and innovative marketing campaign strategy with high-profile brand ambassadors to drive brand awareness, early adoption and consumer demand.
  • Noopii is the better choice for baby’s health and for the environment.
  • Excellent pricing parity with conventional products for affordability regardless of salary or circumstance. Noopii is an inclusive brand that provides premium quality products that everyone can afford.


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    Ask Kea to connect you to potential resources and customers in key markets https://www.keanewzealand.com/. Think about direct to consumer channels and people who can help you there (e.g. Kiwis at amazon.com)

    Also consider *collaborating* with complimentary products like Bobux shoes and NatureBaby coming out of NZ

    Can make intros there if helpful
    Phil Veal


    I guess the only comfort here is that everyone has the same challenge, so you are not uniquely disadvantaged.
    Its bee clear that online meetings, conference etc are taking off hugely, so you’ll need to get really active and engaged online – LinkedIn Groups, industry forums etc. Schleping across the world with a suitcase has been replaced by hunting through the internet for suitable places to meet and connect with customers and partners.
    Ensure you connect with NZTE as well.


    Some great advice already provided. To make it meaningful when you reach out to NZTE, KEA, netowrks, etc, you need to be clear about the retail channels you want to be in. You probably have already done this, but if you haven’t you need to identify a roadmap for rolling out your product across retail banners – physical and online. This will sharpen your focus and conversations with the people you reach out to/connect with.


    Kia ora – agree with all of the above and if you would like we can include a quick paragraph shout out in our Kiwi Landing Pad monthly newsletter which is in the final draft today for this month and will go out again first week of May – if you would like to put something in please contact casey@klp.org.nz who is responsible for this.

    In addition, I may have a couple of folks in our community that could dive into the distribution channels of interest – email me at john@klp.org.nz
    Ngā mihi

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