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My company is in door to door sales. We decided kid 2019 that the business had no future and started winding down operations.  Last week the Commerce Commission telephoned to inform that they want to investigate our business as they received ‘complaints’. This was news to us as we believe our compliance regime was robust. From what I have read with Comcom, they will have a mandate to go after certain industries, and they will go in with a fine tooth comb to look for historical mistakes and then throw the proverbial book, desk, chair and whiteboard at a company in order to ‘send  message’. My fear is that we do not have the  resources to fight them as our intention is to fulfil our contractual obligations to our customers, repay debts and close the company. This news is causing me significant mental stress as I am just fearing the worse, not having the money or assets to hire lawyers. Do you have anyone who has experience dealing with Comcom whom I can talk to. Right now all I see are dark clouds and I cannot afford that, with a sound family depending on me.

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 10:33am
Industry: Legal
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