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My husband and I run our own business making custom art (stone hand casts & memorial jewellery). Because I’m an artist first and foremost, business has always come second. I’d sooner create than sell, I’d sooner experiment than do admin. I currently have a FB page and website, but the two are not well linked. I need someone who understands website platforms (I use weebly), social media, Etsy etc that can market and sell our work and bring in new clients. I have a butt tonne of content, no lack of photo examples, just no time to sort through them and post them online, and really can’t be bothered trying to understand Instagram at Etsy etc. I find I waste so much time on the computer, I want to get back into the studio and create and have someone else run that side of things for me. Are there businesses that do exactly that? Or who/what do I need to search for to find the right person to take over these kinds of tasks to free up my creative time.

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    Hi Jenniebee21,

    There are plenty of business that can assist you. Have you applied for any funding through the regional business partners network? If not it is something that will probably benefit you.


    They will fund you up to a certain amount to invest in a registered company that should be able to help put a plan together. My company Pure SEO (www.pureseo.com) are registered (we do Digital Marketing with a focus on SEO and Google Ads).

    It seems like you may be more interested in a social strategy, in which case you could select Likeable Lab https://www.likeablelab.com/ or Socialites https://www.socialites.co.nz/ (both are registered service providers.

    In my experience it is worth selecting a specialist agency (rather than a Jack of All Trades). Going through the process with one of the above agencies will likely help identify exactly what you need.

    Hope this helps.



    Kia ora Jenniebee

    I spoke to a cafe owner last week and he’d got some serious help through the regional business partner network that Richard describes above and definitely worth exploring.

    I’m very conscious about this forum not being a sell job for Rocketspark (we’re a bit like Weebly, made in NZ) but your query is about where to get help.  This is an area where we have a network of partners around NZ who can help with the aspects you need. Digital marketing and ecommerce can be complex and the technology is changing so quick that it is good to engage experts for the support you require.  

    A couple of options:

    • Connect with us here and describe what help you need: https://www.rocketspark.com/nz… so that can can connect you with the right partner to have a chat with
    • We provide our platform to Wintec and The University of Waikato students as part of their digital marketing and ecommerce papers and I know they create sites and develop marketing plans for businesses.  This is one of the better examples I’ve seen which was created by a Wintec student and is an artwork site too: https://www.ampa.co.nz/

    To be successful online does take a lot of work. Our clients which have been most successful online tend to engage experts to help them with specific areas where they lack time or inclination. We cover off the simple things for ecommerce success here:

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards



    Hi jenniebee21

    Firstly, there is definitely a huge market for stone hand casts and memorial jewellery out there! I have had experience with another business in a similar market and with the power of social media and email marketing, they have really been able to grow their business.

    I think this would be extremely beneficial for your business to continue to grow and gain more potential customers. My suggestion, Facebook and Instagram Advertising. You stated that you have a number of photos of the products which is extremely helpful for this. Facebook and Instagram Advertising is budget-friendly and we have the ability to really narrow down and be specific as to who you want to target.

    I’ve attached a link informing you of the benefits of Facebook Advertising https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/facebook-advertising-benefits/

    As you said, you want to be using more Social Media. Again, the fact that you have numerous images is extremely helpful and can attract numerous customers. Influencers are also great who have a large following. They are able to speak about your brand and show your products, which will gain you more followers and potential customers. I really believe that with your business, there is huge potential using Social Media and Facebook Advertising to grow your business.

    Where I could potentially help, I run E-Commerce businesses online and specialise in helping with Advertising and Social Media for businesses. I also can help with website design and having cohesive platforms across your Social Media and Website. As said, I have experience with a similar business in the same market so know which audiences would be interested in your products and how to market this.

    Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: annabellelindberg30@gmail.com

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