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My husband Ryan and I have started a furniture/product company.  Based in Papamoa. Starting with small things to then fund for the bigger pieces of furniture.  Long term goal is we both work full time for Plan D living the dream and funding a wonderful life for our 3-year-old.  Currently, Ryan is working full time and I work for myself with another new business Voom Design Interior Architecture and Architectural Design (another story).  Finally after 2 years of finding companies that would work with us and have a standard of finish required we have produced two sets of bookshelves, book holders (that don’t run away from each other when they should be holding your books up) and coat hooks.  They are about to come back from the powder coater for me to photograph and somehow sell.  We also have skateboard seats. We have an Instagram, Facebook (@PlanDdesign_NZ) and a holding page at the moment for a webpage (PlanDdesign.com).  Not sure which way to put ourselves out there.  Looking at possibly doing the General Collective market in Auckland for Christmas maybe that would get our name out there ideas? 

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    Morena, wicked and I also took a look at your instagram, gorgeous 3 year old and nice glimpses of the products! The idea of going to farmers markets is a really good one for getting real customer feedback and to learn from the market, what resonates, what does not and who is actually your target customer for each product, and also to get real live feedback from the market about other potential products that you could make and sell – so I am a big one for engaging with your end users – and doing that physically, plus hopefully you make some sales.

    In addition, I would be thinking about ‘how you can go to your target customers’ in the digital world. Early days it is super hard to build your own traffic online – you still should try to create content, share content and tell your stories on Insta and FB of you two, your products and your journey – don’t wait for having all of your products ready for sale, if your story is super compelling and real, then there is no issue with taking waitlist orders. Then think about what marketplaces (online) you could join and/or free post to show off your products and story – eg. Facebook and places like http://www.chooice.co.nz which for is free listings and sales for general sales – check it out.


    Hi there.
    Well done with having a clear plan and making this happen. Also it’s great you have made a start with FB and Insta. I agree with Andy above that you should look to get traction through the likes of http://www.chooice.co.nz and have a crack at some markets. I agree with all Andy’s comments so won’t repeat those.

    The big one for me is get yourself online. You have an aesthetic and super cool style but customers and potential stockists will want to go somewhere to see more. What is your range, your story, your vibe, your collection. This doesn’t have to be super complicated. There are simply templates that you can use through Wix or squarespace or put a call out on Manaaki to see if someone can help.

    Now is the time the get your product out as people are exploring their home and workspace, looking for ideas to tickle up their home (since they have been in them for so long with Covid). I’d also encourage you to contact commercial “like” businesses, eg, skate and surf stores re your seats and potentially cafes with the same vibe. They would make a super cool “waiting” chair near change rooms and also out the front while people wait for coffee’s and orders.

    Finally, have you contacted the local business association to see what they are doing to support fresh new businesses. All the very best.


    Thank you both for taking the time to respond and very thankful for your insights and reassurance. Now to forward. Thanks again.

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