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My main product is sushi delivery into schools and office catering. Due to Covid im looking to create a experience that allows people to make sushi at home. Part of that experience is using a unique physical product to make sushi which I buy from a supplier. I want to bundle this with other things to form a sushi making kit. Dont know where to start in regards to getting the packaging designed and created. Would be great if someone can give me advice on the process or any tips to get started.

Question submitted 17/08/20 @ 09:16pm
Industry: New Product Development / R&D
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    Good morning – I don’t know the answer sorry, but when I don’t know answers, I think (like you) about who might know the answer to this – who has done this before who could give me some guidance – whether you get this here or via Linked In or just asking retailers or B2B business owners who have done this – you will find the answer. Maybe buy some ‘like’ product in the supermarket and look at the packaging – work out who the firms are that do this packaging, and then approach them?

    My other tip would be – think about ‘your existing user base in schools and offices’ who likely have a good feeling about you and your service, give me an update and tell them you are looking to offer this service, and you would love their thoughts on doing something like this, e.g. do a mini-validation of your existing customers about their needs and actions at home, you might find they even order from you – what you want is to make sure you identify an actual problem to solve, and that you can get some momentum early on with the people who already have aroha for you!


    Hi Vinnie,
    Sounds like an interesting pivot for your business. Great suggestion from Andy and I can think of a few new meals kits I have seen the in the supermarket that might have some adjacent experience. I would go for a walk around your local supermarket (masked of course) and see how other businesses have approached this challenge. Then call them and ask them to share their learnings…in my experience that has always worked well. Other entrepreneurs can appreciate the stage you are at and hopefully be happy to help.

    Next option is to jump online and see if anyone offers something similar internationally and learn from their example.

    Once you have an idea of how you want to create the packaging, you need to think if you want to use plastic, food safety and other functional elements. Once those parameters are clear you can start approaching boutique packaging supply companies to see who might be best to work with.

    Good luck!

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