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    • Tyla Tobin



      Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 03:13pm

      My social ads just aren’t working. Got any tips for getting noticed?

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      • Vicky Taylor

        Industry Expert


        Reply submitted 18/06/20 @ 03:13pm


        Hi there,
        Sounds as if you are starting to look at the effectiveness of your spend. A great step that always uncovers some surprises – usually some good and some bad. If you are just looking at a lack of sales then it is worth reviewing the goals that you set for your ads and diving into some of the analytics that the platform you are using offers, to see where you think the gap is;
        – were you looking for reach – eyeballs on the offer – and didn’t get enough?
        – were you looking for database sign ups?
        – or conversion to sales?

        Once you are totally clear on the metric and the miss you can start to look at solutions. You might need to look at ;
        – tightening or opening your target market
        – making the messaging clearer, etc

        Once you dive into the detail it will be clearer! If you havent navigating through this process before it might be worth investing in a course via facebook, or another provider to build your knoweldge. Good luck, Vicky

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