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My wife and I are launching a niche, bottled coffee beverage with both ready-to-drink and concentrate options. We are producing in-house at a relatively small scale to begin with. Besides attending farmers markets and events, how should we approach the retail market?

Question submitted 13/08/20 @ 06:32am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Hi Tom,
    Building slowly and steadily while you get your systems and processes in place is always a good idea. Maybe as a next step to expand distribution consider specialist retailers such as Farro and cafes that do a large number of packaged drinks.

    Then as you are ready to scale think further about where your customers shop and how can you turn up in those locations – is that mainstream grocery stores or more cafe style outlets. You can then target your distribution energies against the channels with the best positioning for your shoppers.

    Good Luck! Vicky

    Hi there – when you say relatively small scale how small are we talking? The reason I ask is if your thinking about an approach to the retail market you’ll need to make sure you can consistently meet demand. Based on the information you’ve supplied though, if you’re looking specifically for an approach to retail I’d consider aligning to an existing coffee roaster whose brand and values align to your own product and see if they’d partner in distribution of your product into some targeted suburban markets where you think your target audience is based.

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