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Myhusband and I have an Arts Therapy Service. We work with severe acute traumausing indigenous models of healing specialising in Kaupapa Maori artstherapy.  We are funded by two Crown agencies to deliver a free service tothe community. It started as a small social service but it has now become afast growing business. I am the Director of the business now and I am workingthere full time. We have leased a room to operate from in Manukau. They arewanting to send more and more referrals to us but we do not have the capacityto meet demand and we don’t really want it to grow beyond our currentcapabilities. Any more and it would be too difficult to manage the demands of beingan Arts Therapist. The problem is we do not have a proper business structure or systems. Wedo the taxes and GST ourselves but we are not accountants. We want to make sureget this right so we would appreciate some advice and help please. 

Question submitted 28/07/20 @ 01:59pm
Industry: Funding & Finance
  • Kia Ora – we at Manaaki love this – we love that you reach out, and we hold your request dear to us, let me just ask a couple of experts and I might flip you into another category! Andy

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