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Need help to stay relevant on Social Media and help with Facebook advertising to crank up sales at the other end of this…

Question submitted 28/03/20 @ 07:40pm
Industry: Fashion
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    Good Morning
    Key to being relevant on social media through this time, is not trying to sell to people
    unless you have an essential service or product that people need to feel safe or survive.

    Otherwise you need to stay in front of your customer,
    not with overt sale messages, but through engagement that shows kindness and some well placed humour.

    We have ten of our fashion retail managers at home and daily they engage through a VIP group that we had set up on Facebook, they come up with themes to post to, at the moment they have introduced humour where they are dressed in our gear ( that is very event focused ) doing every day tasks, gardening, washing dishes, washing cars, doing housework,baking etc
    One of the team took a mannequin outside into the garden and dressed it amongst the Autumn backdrop. We are not selling, we can’t sell we are not an essential service, we are remaining relevant by thinking outside the box and caring for our customers through regular, interactive and “humorous” social posts.

    The government has shut down our economy sending a huge message of “people first” reflect this message in all those social messages you send out to others


    Hi Mia, there is some great advice above from Anna. To add to this, it’s clear that you cannot sell for now…but you can engage your target clients and try to turn a cold audience into a warm one. Your focus can be on entertaining, engaging and generally adding value to your audience. I assume you already have the Facebook pixel installed on your website to track website visitors? Do that first if not.

    If you make your goals from this lockdown activity to: make people smile or add value to them; get engagement on your FB/Insta posts via likes and comments; get people to your website. Then after the lockdown you can create warm audiences of 1) all those that engaged with you on FB/Insta during the lockdown and 2) everyone who visited your website. When you can sell, you can sell to these audiences whom you have already built a digital relationship with and added some value to.

    So focus on building a positive, warm and engaged audience now, who are more likely to do business with you when the timing is right.


    I agree with the above it’s all about community building. How can you be of service to your community/audience at this time so they will still be with you on the other side? This is a great time to be telling your story, your ‘why’ and allowing your audience to get to know you better. Customers that know you, like you and eventually trust you are more likely to purchase from you.

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