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Not sure where to start, so here looks good, as funding is a major obstacle. Retirement age is just over the next hill for me but I’ve decided to start a series of online Print on Demand stores after learning how to make patterns in a facebook group. I’ve been at it for 10 months now and have stumbled through getting a facebook page and website, and have even had one or two sales. My main problems, long story short, is I can’t afford the industry tech required, such as internet connection and Adobe. After leaving work 4 years ago to care for 6 grandchildren, I’m not getting any younger now they’ve all gone back and find I’m on an unemployment benefit. I’m also in a small town with no industry, (no jobs). Is there some help somewhere? Also would love a mentor for sales, growth, how to sell from a website, how to install e-mail sign-up button, etc etc. You name it, I’m clueless. I’m trying to learn, but at the end of the day, all I really have is no sales, no money, and overwhelm.

Question submitted 29/07/20 @ 07:20am
Industry: Funding & Finance
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