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NZ On Air Funding

NZ On Air have a funding round with submissions due on the 28th of May.

I have no experience in applying for funding and am looking for advice on how I should go about it.

I’m in the process of standing up a digital radio station and funding would be used for developing the platform to deliver the content.

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 08:17pm
Industry: Creative Services
  • NZONAIR is a Government funding body that only funds commercially focused creative content. This includes, Recorded music,Video,Film and Television for broadcasting, Including digital platforms.The set up of a private radio station would be considered a business enterprise that would require small business funding or private investment. If the station is community or Iwi focused I would look to an appropriate funding body for the specific communities you would be servicing and supporting.

    best of luck

    Thank you very much for this, just knowing to google “small business funding” has been a help.

    It’s going to be sports focused which I’d argue is a community station but I’d expect other wouldn’t agree 🙂

    Cheers Paul

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