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On 27 March we applied for the wage subsidy for us four employees.  On 29 march we received an email saying that $4,686.40 has been deposited into our account.   If we divide $4,686.40 by $585.80 we get two weeks pay for four people.    The shutdown is for four weeks.  Shouldn’t we have received $9,372.80?   Or is it that because my wife and I take draws, not wages, that we have received four weeks pay for two employees and nothing for ourselves?We are totally shut down with no income and expect to take a bath over April and probably beyond since our customers are also shut down.   I hear that some companies are receiving 12 weeks pay per employees.   I’m totally confused.  Please help me understand what we may be entitled to and how to obtain same.  We are trying to keep our employees (and ourselves) from redundancy. 

Question submitted 05/04/20 @ 08:51am
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    Hey Bert – there are quite a few situations here where it is hard to understand the math. However, the rules/guidelines are determined by full or part-time and then x 12 – and the gross amount comes in. One full time employee would be $7026, one part time employee would be $4200. I can’t work out how this payment was made either – can you recall what your disclosure/application detailed when you were asked for how many employees and/or whether they were full or part-time? Andy

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