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Our business plans to sell drinking chocolate powder online, to our networks and potentially overseas. We have a supplier of our product where we buy in bulk 3kg bags although we are torn between repacking the bags into smaller bag or by simply relabelling the 3kg bags with our own labels and company name on it. The first option would require us to go through MPI Regulations like setting up Food Control plan etc. and we don’t want to go into that because we are just starting and we have minimal cost and it is only homebased on our small rental property. I hope you can help us on this. What would be the best option to get us started ASAP? Once we have decided on our product we plan to invite friends to resell it so they can have a profit too. Our business aims to share and create more business to others hence we need help on the pricing too.

Question submitted 12/08/20 @ 06:53am
Industry: Food & Beverage
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    Morena – I am thinking about it. It is much easier to not have to repack obviously, but then the question is really what value are you adding and 2ndly will the people ‘down the line’ have to get MPI approval to repack themselves?

    I suppose this really comes down to your market, their needs and interests and understanding those – if you know who you are selling too and what their interests are, this will help you work out what the pricing and packaging needs to be.


    Good thinking Andy.

    The questions on the right packaging strategy that also spring to mind for me are;
    – what are the competition doing and how do you ensure that your product has a point of difference and there is a specific reason for people to buy from you? This could be in pack size and format, or in claims, or taste or branding
    – I am guessing that if you are contemplating selling in 3kg bags then it is a wholesale or foodservice offer? Most consumers wound’t buy such large packs for individual household consumption. In foodservice many current suppliers will offer a drinking chocolate product – how will you convince customers to stop buying alternatives and move to your product? Again being clear on the point of difference and positive benefits that your product offer may make it easier to decide on the pack size question.
    Good luck! Vicky

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