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Our products are doing well in New Zealand. How can we go global?

Question submitted 19/06/20 @ 09:19am
Industry: Business Growth
  • Hi,
    Can you elaborate on what your products are?

    The key thing to understand is what problem are you solving for NZers and then look for similar problems in overseas markets. Don’t fall into the mistake of simply thinking it works here so it will work there… take time to truely understand the value you deliver, and then look for markets which have similar dynamics, circumstances, consumers, etc. NZTE should be your first port of call, and can provide you with a range of advice. They also offer courses to help people get ready for export

    Love the aspiration.
    Endorse comment from @simon-leitch, and would add that rather than thinking global, identify one market or segment and focus. It’s a big bad world out there and many markets will have a competitor or substitute for your product or service based locally and 100% focused, plus potentially a multinational competitor. Strategically you are better to carve out a substantive position in fewer markets, than a narrow coverage across many – may be different if its a service delivered online but then think of a substantive position within a market segment.

    NZTE are fantastic – get on the phone!

    Agree that NZTE is a good place to start for exporter support and introductions https://www.nzte.govt.nz/page/exporting-with-nzte. Other options include independent export consultants like Katabolt https://www.katabolt.com.

    Hi… so cool that you’re thinking of taking on the world… !! My two penny’s worth… take baby steps and talk to as many people as possible before you do… research and understand to what extent your customers are going to be different in the first offshore market you decide to launch into and deeply understand all the admin and legals to be sure it’s going to be profitable and not insanely administratively complex to sell into offshore markets. Very best, S

    Thank you to everyone for your help! Looks like I need to be more targeted rather than just “going global” straight out of the gate. I’ll definitely chat to NZTE. @richard-conway, we’re looking to export our NZ-made clothing, we know there’s a lot of Kiwi love going on in the world right now so it feels like the perfect time. Thanks again!

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