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Post COVID, with the media landscape changing dramatically, what is the best way to launch a new F&B product on a small budget? PR, trad media, social media, influencers?

Question submitted 15/06/20 @ 11:25am
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Morena – I would think the answer depends on your objectives for the launch, and what channels you want to influence. It can be quite hard to get ‘coverage’ on mainstream media (print, TV) for a product launch – not impossible but the angle needs to be right for them – if that is not possible, then going with a combination of
    – Facebook (leveraging off your community you already have, and to pick-up other followers)
    – Using http://www.scoop.co.nz to post your news release
    – Insta if the new product has a visual appeal

    When you think about ‘influencers’ – this can go from ‘contacts’ who are prepared to do a post for free, to those that will do it for some free kit to paid – and then there are also ways to pay agencies e.g. Socialites or We Are Tenzing where you pay them to access the influencers and then pay them too – the latter can get expensive if you are trying to do it low budget.

    I figure, the most important thing is to step back, and ask yourself – what is the story here, what is the narrative that might hve people interested in this and how then can I talk to some people to get them to share the news?


    Hi – Great answer by Andy.

    To add to that I would seek out a mentor. Someone who has the skill set that you need. In my experience if yo reach out to people a lot are likely to spare you some of their time. The important thing is to treat that time with respect, if you say you are going to do something, then actually do it.



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