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Prior to the lockdown the international tourists have been a dominant market for us. We have been coming up with marketing initiatives to target the local and corporate market. We have developed a new product during the lock down with the intention to target the corporate market. It is an outdoor escape game which can be taken also indoors and to customers premises. It is one of its kind as it combines elements of scavenger hunt, escape rooms and augmented reality. Great for team building and corporate events. Here is a link to our QT location with a video. https://thrillzone.co.nz/queenstown/escape-adventure/ The webpage for Auckland CBD and Takapuna will be ready this week too. I was looking into Linked in as a channel for paid marketing. I was hoping I could communicate via this platform to CEO’s and HR Managers in Auckland. Thanks for your help!

Question submitted 11/05/20 @ 08:39am
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  • This is a really cool product and I am sure there are a lot of companies who will want to start back at work with a fun activity for their staff. I would definitely think about creating some Facebook ads targeted by location to capture both businesses and family groups – making sure that you first have the Facebook Pixel embedded in your website so you can retarget these ads later. Don’t underestimate the power of posting regularly on social media also, especially video content. Ask your customers to give a quick video review (on the spot at your venue) for a 15% discount on your service, that ‘social proof’ is marketing gold. Wishing you lots of luck heading into level 2 🙂

    Kia ora @thrillzone. This seems like a really clever pivot for you – tourism to corporate. Great thinking – and the product looks exciting too. As @monique-day mentions it’s well suited to digital marketing (targeting, remarketing) approaches. My only thought would be to try and dig deep on trying to understand how this experience can aid corporates in their “post lock-down” rebuild. Could be worth a focus group and some advice from HR specialists, workplace psychologists etc. There might be something there…

    Thanks for posting. Good advice above.

    Once you have the Auckland and Takapuna links live can you repost them? I am happy to share with HR people that I know on some chats looking for team building activities post lockdown.

    I would also encourage you to reach out to firms that do things like Agile transformation work or other consultancies that are brought in to help organizations adapt and change especially after lockdown. Your activity could be an add on to them for their work with teams and getting people comfortable ahead of hard sessions.

    Hi Thrillzone.

    It sounds like a great pivot.

    You can target people on Linkedin and Facebook based on industries and job titles. Linkedin advertising is more expensive than Facebook (around 5X more for a click on average ) but cost per conversion (booking) is a far better metric to use so if you’re running campaigns across the platforms make sure you have measurement set up in the form of the Facebook Pixel and Linkedin Conversion tag – or/and google analytics.

    Think about your lowest hanging fruit – maybe start by marketing to companies in the main centres who have easy access to Queenstown via direct flight links, and businesses within driving distances as opposed to all of NZ.

    When you get a bit of of traffic going to the corporate training page (at least 100 people), create a lookalike audience of those people and target them on Facebook.

    You could also make a target list of companies, and use LinkedIn to search for the HR and admin people in those companies & request to connect to them so they can see the content you’re sharing about the corporate teams participating in your zone.

    I would also consider bidding on Google search keywords of those people searching for team-bonding and corporate activities.


    I love this and am so keen to give it a try with out team! There will be a pent up need for teams to reconnect again after lockdown so I applaud you for this move, and your timing is spot on. I agree with all of the advice above. Additional thoughts to consider are ensuring you are:
    1. On the radar of Auckland’s tourism marketing leaders i.e. ATEED, a Council entity focused on economic development, tourism and destination marketing – they may look to promote this new experience for the city via their channels
    2. Target audience – beyond HR leaders etc, think about medium size businesses, and business owners. All team leaders and business owners worth their salt are acutely aware of the pressure our teams have been under, so expand your audience base. Segment your audience – this doesn’t just appeal to the business community, so ensure you market it to a range of consumer segments.
    3. Tourism and business media – launch this innovative service to tourism and business media including NZ Herald, Stuff, NBR, Business NZ, travel media and urban media such as Concrete Playground.
    All the best, I’ll watch with interest!

    Kia Ora @thrillzone. Great pivot – well done! Some fantastic feedback above, so not much to add. In terms of Linkedin, try this group, which is a group of HR and People Managers that have come together during Covid to share and support eah other. A perfect market for your new product.


    Also, have you heard of the Auckland City company, Great Escape? It’s a similiar concept, but indoors. Perhaps they would be willing to share some ideas with you or you can do some collaborative marketing together. It’s a really popular company event, particularly around Xmas time!

    Go well! Looks like a lot of fun.

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