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Pure NZ Prints creates New Zealand Fine Art and Travel Gifts.Handmade in NZ created by NZ Artists.We would like to create more sales conversion online.I have instagram, facebook and shopify website. I promote weekly. Due to covid markets sales and our small retailers sales have reduced. 

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    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve had a quick look through the website and social channels and there’s a lot of great content and engagement.

    My advice would look to a number of strategies to increase your digital footprint and drive traffic to your digital channels which should ultimately lead to sales.

    Firstly get a plan behind your marketing – check out a few of the responses I’ve given to others needing support and advice with their approach to marketing – https://www.manaaki.io/forums/users/russell-douglas/replies/

    One model that comes to mind to help you to frame your thinking is DRIP.

    DRIP is simply Differentiate, Remind, Inform, and Persuade and acts as a guide when considering how you might turn up under each.

    Consider how Pure NZ Prints differentiates itself relative to the significant amount of competition out there. What is it that makes your offering stand out? Why should I buy from you and not the sea of other print and gallery specialists? How can you stand out? What can you offer that makes your business sticky?

    What if… you raised your profile as the seasoned expert in sourcing unique, hard to find NZ prints. Get your personal brand and that of Pure NZ Prints into the media.

    An example of the power of this: we’ve been looking for a seasoned financial advisor recently and had a number of folks recommended but we also saw an article online in the Herald where a financial advisor gave advice. We’re meeting her next week.

    The power of profile and PR is something you might benefit from and help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    How else might you differentiate and amplify your customer value proposition? Could you create a more overt New Zealand led brand experience. Is there an opportunity to tell each New Zealand artists story to provide a deeper connection to the pieces you’re selling.

    Above all think hard about how you stand out, what you can offer customers that’s unique, that sets you apart and makes people want to talk about you.

    An obvious marketing strategy but one we see being under utilized. How many times have you bought a product online and the initial experience was superb. A real connection with the brand, potentially even some personal email correspondence and a seamless e-commerce experience. But then – nothing. No follow up, no cross or up sell, no brand building, nothing. It happens all the time.

    Another example: I recently signed up for a bit of a trial to a coffee roasters speciality bean delivery service. They knew I was buying one bag initial to trial the service. It’s been several weeks and I’ve heard nothing from them. No follow up email asking me about the flavors, of the beans were awesome or not. Whether I’d like a small discount on a subscription service. Nothing.

    So I’d suggest you get back in touch with previous customers. Identify the ones that spent big, the ones that bought more than once. Now call them or email them personally. Targeted, personal comms is one of the most powerful engagement strategies I’ve seen for small business. It’s not a scaled marketing play but for your most valuable customers or those with the greatest potential to buy it’s a winning formula.

    We all love ‘new’ and inform is all about letting your customer base know what’s going on with your brand, the market in general and the new products you have coming out. Tell your story, reach out, and stay front of mind.

    Finally it’s down to persuading prospects to convert into customers. This is all about the art of the sale. Amplifying the key attributes of your product and service. Convincing me that buying a print will enhance my life or that of others I choose to gift it to. It goes beyond the product and into the story of the benefits buying that product will deliver.

    An example: Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, offers its customers the ability to place their products in-situ in a virtual rendering of their home. So customers can see what a sofa or a dining table will look like in their home before making the purchase. This is a cracker example of persuasion in action.

    What might you do to get browsers over the line?

    There’s a multitude of other models and ways to drive customers through the funnel but in the end it comes down to picking a solid framework, ideating with your team and getting your plan in place then acting on it.

    Test and learn. See what works, refine your strategy, and when you find something that really turns the dial do more of it.

    Good luck,


    Lucky last – check out http://www.chooice.co.nz – it’s a marketplace for NZ businesses to help drive awareness, reach and ultimately sales. It was set up by the Manaaki founders.


    Thanks Russ – it was set up by Sarah Colcord and the Manaaki Founders!! Sarah originally founded the Group and we just jumped on board with the launch of the new platform!!


    Hi Michelle,
    Great that you’re reaching out!
    If you’re after online conversion, the first step is to get traffic and then once they land on your site, you want them to stay and then convert.
    I ran a quick analysis on your website and it looks like you are not ranking organically on Google nor are there any search traffic. As such,it looks like social media are your main source of traffic to your site?
    If that’s the case, your way forward is to drive traffic from:
    1. organic ranking on google (be on page 1)
    2. paid ads on google
    3. referral traffic from other sites i.e. expand your presence in other sites. This can include anything from Trademe to Facebook Market place or Warehouse The Market
    4. Utilise Facebook groups that supports local businesses to promote (eg. Made In NZ group, Girls in Business groups etc)

    In terms of conversion on your site, you need to look at your conversion path on the site. Look into your Google Analytics and look at buyer behaviour to understand the data there as to how long are they staying, main pages they view, which page do they leave from etc etc.
    There is quite a lot to learn, but hopefully this directs you as to what to do next.

    Hope this helps!


    Hey Michelle
    I forgot to mention that there is government funding to help small and medium sized businesses such as yours. This is full funding and you will be access industry experts to help you with what you need. This will be under Digital Enablement criteria.
    This is the page explaining the Regional Business Network (RBP) assistance
    And this is more detailed information about the COVID19 funding itself


    And I think you can support them too right Anne ? Ie you are an approved service provider?


    Hi @andyadmin , Yes, Marketing Minds is an approved Service Provider with the RBP network and can provide funded assistance if need be.


    Hi @Michelle22

    I see that you are wanting to create more sales online. With everything happening with COVID-19 at the moment, online is definitely the way to go and I have seen numerous businesses become more successful during these times given everyone is shopping online. Your choice in using Shopify is great as it is cheap to use per month, has apps that can help with multiple tasks such as email marketing, tracking orders, easy to navigate, and run daily logistics plus much more.

    I would recommend having a cohesive Instagram and Facebook page which links back well to your website. Showing you’re Fine Art and Travel Gifts through creative images, and displaying it in catalogs online are great options for increasing your sales. The fact that you have a point of difference in that your products are New Zealand made is amazing. This gives more opportunities in marketing and you can use this to your advantage. I would also recommend using Influencers as I know from experience this is a cheap but extremely beneficial way to drive traffic and get sale conversions as a result from their posts and reviews of your products.

    I specialise and have built multiple E-Commerce Businesses building the Shopify store from scratch, setting up and running social media and setting up and running Facebook and Instagram Advertising along with Google Advertising. I also have Influencer Contacts who would love to advertise your products who have numerous amounts of followers. I feel this is really something I could help with. If you want to see my portfolio of work or have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email me annabellelindberg30@gmail.com

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