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Ruapani ki Waikaremoana owns a small Lodge – about 35 beds. Due to lockdown we lost 3months bookings and almost went bust. To make matters worse our then General Manager took out a PG against the Trust, and that will probably lead to mediation. To save the business we quickly applied to MSD to become a provider for Emergency Housing. Caring for our people has been quite profitable and allowed us to keep our doors open. However we wish to re-open for the tourist season here, which usually starts in October and runs through to February-March. We’re not sure how this is all going to pan out, and would like some advice about a new strategic direction for the business. 

Question submitted 07/08/20 @ 07:08am
Industry: Tourism
  • Kia Ora – Fantastic that you have been able to pivot your business. Congrats. Can you clarify the rationale for wanting to re-open as a tourist lodge? Is the Emergency Housing option still available? In the past seasons October through March, were your customers domestic or international? At what capacity were you operating during those months? When you say a new strategic direction, is this a different direction from the previous tourism business?

    Looking forward learning more and then more specific thoughts could be provided!

    Have you looked in to the Tourism Advisory Support Service?


    There is also funding from the Covid-19 Advisory Fund to assist with advisory services.

    You can learn more here:
    covid19.nzte.govt.nz/page/regional-business-partner-network or

    May be worthwhile exploring these options.


    Hi there,
    I would agree with Leslie and have the same questions really, hard to comment without knowing a bit more information. My personal view from everything we are seeing is that I wouldn’t expect any international visitors during the summer season but if anything there might be a greater opportunity for the domestic market. If there is a possibility to keep the emergency housing contract that sounds like a safe bet for at least the next year…
    Best regards, Jason

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