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running a pest control programme for at risk youths called kaitiaki trap n train in waharoa waikato. have just got charitable trust cert back. i would like to set up a proper business after people have passed a 3 month programme. how do i do both. we have been offered paid work already from farmers to plant wetlands and waterways. can i do that as a charitable trust. nonprofitable

Question submitted 31/07/20 @ 01:25pm
Industry: Funding & Finance
  • Morena – really good, a charitable trust can still run a for-profit business or activity as long as the benefits from the business are owned by, controlled by and used exclusively in pursuit of the Trust’s purposes. You can even set up a subsidiary of the Trust e.g. a company to do this – but you might not need to do that, just get it going. If you want the business to be for profit and the ‘profits’ go to individuals, you will need to set it up as a separate structure e.g. Limited Liability Company in its own right – and you just need to be careful there is no conflicts or preference given to the Company over the Trust. Happy to answer any other questions. Andy

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