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Seeking investors in medical technologies field

Question submitted 26/03/20 @ 03:23pm
Industry: Funding & Finance
  • Hey there – what I have been saying to people right now is that you should start with an assumption that you are not going to be able to raise any money right now, especially from people who you don’t already know. You might however know some people already who believe in you and would back your vision. That does not answer your question, but most investors are just protecting their portfolios and hunkering down. Short-answer, find another way to get ahead.

    We have secured funding for these industries and that can be better than investors as:
    1. It can be easier than finding investors.
    2. You don’t need to give up a share of the business.

    Happy to chat.

    Building on the above, it might help to get a little more information about what you plan on doing or which field of medicine the tech can be deployed – it is in data, hospitals, research?
    There are a number of organisations that could help with a small amount of funding (grant) or smaller early stage sums such as Callaghan, NZVIF, Medical foundations, but might need a few more details.
    If this is confidential & you don’t want it disclosed in this forum, please let us know and I can try to find out how best to reach you to talk further…

    Agree with the above comments, important to know more about what you mean, are you a pure startup or other. Funding for early stage/startup is going to be difficult at the moment however if you have some USP, perhaps it is there from trade investors.

    We work with a lot of trade investors in the medical space so happy to answer more questions.

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