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    • Aaron Ryan

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      Should I still advertise my brand, even though I am out of stock?

      Question submitted 08/06/21 @ 03:01pm

      Hi Everyone. I currently import a product I made from overseas and sell it here in NZ. I am out of stock at the moment and my product is getting made again, so it will probably be another 6-8weeks before I receive my next shipment. But should I still be posting on social media and advertising my brand? NOTE: I have photos/videos of customers using my product, have a podcast/youtube channel as part of my brand and I do make it quite clear that I am currently out of stock still. Any help would be awesome :) Thanks.

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      • Andrew Hamilton



        Reply submitted 08/06/21 @ 03:01pm


        Kia Ora Aaron – thank you for coming to Manaaki. The simple view is that you should always be open for business, and take orders on pre-order basis. The more nuanced is that you have to work really hard to communicate the wait time. Coupled with that is whether you ask for deposits for pre-orders. If you have high confidence that you will be able to get delivery, and you can successfully communicate that there will be a delay, then why not go for it and take pre-orders with deposits.

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