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So after 3 years R&D to offer Kiwis a 100% domestic crafted stone option for Headstones and Memorials (as 97% are imported) we are the only domestically crafted stone currently permitted in Cemeteries In NZ, and after creating and harnessing technology for limitless photos, videos, music and written reflections to be accessed directly from the headstones, and after attracting some 2k followers on FB, over covid. Our conversion is terrible, and energy is so low to keep going. We could change the world, or just stop.. It’s almost like developing the solution to a personal need was the gate (our catalyst was the loss of a child, brother and father) . How do we re-energise and turn interest into conversion? Oh part of the low energy could be our baby triplets are nearing 2 years old.. LOL. HELP! 

Question submitted 30/09/20 @ 08:45pm
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    Baby triplets!! That must be so amazing and challenging at the same time – for those of us with kids, we so understand the challenge of no sleep, low energy, but that is with one not three!! I watched my two daughters playing in a hockey game together last night for the first time – so special! Keep at it!

    I read this a couple days ago, and have been thinking ‘why’ is there no traction?

    What is the existing channel to selling headstone/memorials – e.g. how do families buy now, presumably through funeral directors (most of it?) – what has been the reaction when you have talked to them, and have you been able to get them to shift a/or try you out? Also, if you could get close to a funeral director, could you find out who supplies them now – the pricing, margins etc – to understand what you are competing against.

    Getting people to move or change behaviour at the beginning is always hard – super hard, because you are going against what people did yesterday, you have to find ways to get the shift done.

    Selling direct is always an option – but you have to find the way to ‘be there’ when the people need your product – and that is hard right, which is typically why the funeral directors are the people to target as they have the families coming to them.

    A couple of things to understand more about your go-to-market and what you have learned so far.


    Thank you Andrew.

    I really appreciate your wisdom. Yes, with triplets we know how much of a blessing it is.. We are reminded by everyone who hasn’t watched them for more than 5 hours.. LOL. We are in a marathon on many fronts, but we endure. We have no choice! LOL.

    We do have a multi-channel strategy for sure. The primary channel is legacy. Families use, who families have used. We understand to interrupt a tradition of using who “my family” have always used, is a challenge. We would prefer not to walk that path, rather offer Headstone retailers an Eco- NZ made alternative to importing granite. However the profit margins of that practice makes considering alternatives a stretch.
    I guess we answer our own question here. To overcome decades of behaviour, by councils and cemeteries (some who have put in bi-laws the preference to only use granite) the channel players and the consumer is no quick thing.
    Would you be open to a phone call or coffee? It would be nice to have other peoples grey matter to call on in thinking strategy?


    Hey there – I have no hair, and don’t have triplets! Just two teenage girls who are awesome!!

    Always open to a chat if that can help, my email is andy.hamilton@manaaki.io – it is hard to move a market, when you don’t have word or mouth or momentum, that is why most go with the ‘traditional’ channel or market model to start with and innovate later – unless you have lots of money and can buy acquisition.

    The challenge is to be ‘there’ and ‘on people’s minds’ when a family friend passes away.

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