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Struggling with the admin side of my business, in fact I’m overwhelmed. My “system” isn’t working, from enquiry onwards my crm is lacking and causing me to miss out on jobs as I’m losing track of who/what/when. My forte is building and sales, in admin I’m lost. I would welcome help in putting an admin process in place that is efficient and intuitive. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.CheersPete

Question submitted 14/11/20 @ 06:00am
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    The good news is that you have identified this as an issue instead of struggling along. How comfortable are you with technology – if you are ok, then check out http://www.tradifyhq.com – a kiwi company doing great things to help tradies. I am sure they have a good support process to help you get started, but using technology to sort processes is one of my favourite things to do, so would be happy to pick this up with you – give me a call 027 224 9763.


    Great insight and recommendation Pip.

    Good news Pete – admin is a relatively easy gap to solve!

    Another couple of options – you could identify some one working adjacent to your business (maybe a supplier or customer or even some one who does the same stuff but is non-competitive, and ask them how they do things. It can be really useful to have some one run through how they have their business set up, and get some insights on what’s working and what’s not.

    There are also a lot of well qualified people looking for work at the moment – depending on size and needs, you could get an admin expert in on a contract to get some systems and processes set up for you and then either manage them yourself or have some one on a part time basis to support you.

    Good luck! Vicky

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