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Support for a new Sun Protective Activewear label

Hi I’m Sara, and I’m in the process of launching a new Sun Protective Activewear Label – Hākinakina. Hākinakina is te reo Māori for play and is about encouraging women to take their play seriously. I want to give them the tools for living their lives to the full. Living where we do, that means serious sun protection and that’s where UPF50+ swimwear comes in (later other activewear). It’s not any old sun protection either, it is full of life and attitude and features unique prints I have designed myself. The fabric is made from recycled yarn from plastic bottles and garbage from the sea and a % of every sale will go to a cancer charity.

I have a very personal story for starting the business which I wont go into now. I’m new to New Zealand and am ideally looking for some support/mentoring in what is a a new country to me. I don’t have a support network. I’m an ex marketing strategist and also had a print womenswear label in the UK for 6 years. I am in product sampling at the moment and am trying to build a community for the brand through social media. I was due to launch around now but will probably look at moving that out towards Summer. I have questions around my business model, building a profile, having a business mentor and manufacturing. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks so much. Sara

Question submitted 06/05/20 @ 01:45pm
Industry: Start-ups
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