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Thank you for the opportunity to seek professional advice.I am a consultant to a major primary industry.  I have one major client for whom I do a considerable amount of work.  As a consequence of that work I see various project development opportunities in the sector that the client is not interested in pursuing.First question – are they mine to pursue?Second question – I make a modest living from my consultancy and am a sole trader.  Where might I find project development funding in the order of $50-$90,000?

Question submitted 16/05/20 @ 04:37pm
Industry: New Product Development / R&D
  • Morena – these ‘projects’ – depend on the terms of your contract with your client, whether all ideas are theirs or you are free and clear to go forward. My belief is that the client would think they were theirs, and probably have a contract with you to that effect. Have a look at your contract and regardless, you should talk to them about it, given it is a major client of yours.

    In terms of funding, there are a range, if the projects are r&d based – then Callaghan has some getting started grants, but maybe not this high – you could try angel investors or crowd-funding. The best type of funding is from customers, can you get them to give you funding early?

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