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Thank you manaaki for your outstanding creative work. I could definitely use some help. I’m just starting my first own business called the Performance Academy. It’s a Athlete development program for youth who want to chase there sporting dreams. It’s open to all ages and abilities to provide an opportunity for anyone to have access to a leading development program for there given sport. At the moment I need to create a website and Logo. I also find funding is a huge problem for youth as parents all want the best for kids but can’t afford it. Because this is my only source of income and I love what I do, I provide super cheap training programs and training sessions. But am struggling financially. Is there any grants or funding that would be able to help me expand and deliver my business. Thank you for your time,Marty Mckenzie

Question submitted 24/05/20 @ 08:06pm
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  • Hi Marty,

    This sounds like a great initiative – pushing for high performance in sports pays off in the rest of life too!

    Re: Funding, apologies if you have already looked into this, but have you checked with regional sports organisations where you live who may be looking for programmes to coach young athletes? Or local sporting bodies who often have funds available for sports outreach and coaching – for example, in the South Auckland, Counties Manukau Sport may provide funding for sports programmes (to note, I have no affiliation with CM Sport, but use them as an example only).

    Sport New Zealand may be able to help – they have a funding directory here:

    Is there an opportunity to provide some of your programme at a higher cost/value to a subset of your athletes who have greater means? Or target athletes who could benefit from your programme who have greater means?
    In this way you could increase your revenue and still serve all of your communities.

    Good luck!
    – Sherif

    Morning Marty. Those community organisations might be a good place to look, and/or whether Schools have some funding to support equity offerings to children. All the best. Andy

    Hey, the other thing, can you offer ‘group programmes’ for athletes and these kids (or their families) pay micro-payments – this is a way to get bigger groups of kids going, it is also a way to develop relationships and reputations with a wider audience – and then also through getting to know these students, you can start to work through how you could offer one on one programmes as well?

    Hi Sherif thank you for your reply. This helps hugely. No I haven’t looked into those regional funding areas yet. I will definitely look into. There is possibly some opportunity out there for my business to get involved with high sporting athletes. But all will happen with time, promoting and word of voice I believe. Post covid-19 also proving tough financially for a lot of people. Also there is opportunity to delivery expansive quality and quantity packages I can deliver with my business that would cost more per unit. Which in turn around would be a bigger sale for myself. So thank you for the idea. I will take this on board and put some plans into place.
    Thank you for your input,
    Kind regards,

    Hi Andrew,
    Yes absolutely will look into this community organisations. I am also very inclined to have micro payments set up as I understand that it is difficult to pay total amounts in one go. So will definitely take that onboard. I am looking to start multiple week long program ms where individuals have the option to pay weekly, fortnightly or in whole.
    I’m based in Dunedin so if you have any connections here and think they’d be able to help in some way or I could help them. Please let me know. Thank You Andrew
    Kind regards,

    Hey Marty… suggest you reach out to Startup Dunedin if you haven’t already… a super good crew. Rachel@startupdunedin.nz is a fab person… she may be able to point to you someone helpful locally. Very best of luck… S

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