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Thanks for reading this far!E-Scooter Tours launched December last year, offering visitors to Auckland a way to explore the Central City in a fast, efficient & modern way. As we stumbled through with classic startup experiences with website development, advertising in local tourism outlets, spending online advertising etc etc, we ended up with 95% of our business coming through online booking platforms such as Air BnB Experiences & Trip Advisor. Our cliental were also 95% overseas visitors. With this client pool now non-existant, we have regeared to also offer our scooters by hireage for domestic customers as a fun, exciting, innovative & environmentally friendly recreational activity. Our product actually suits the current environment very, very well. The early days of our work involved a lot of trial and error, and we were proud to do this, however now we have less of luxuries time & capital. Our question, for our business, what is the best means of communicating our features and benefits to the kiwi adventurers whether they are looking to adventure across regions or across town at lunch time! We are certain our business can offer people an exciting & affordable escape, we just want to find the best way to convey this. Any help, discussion, direction, critical advice is whole hearted appreciated. Thanks for reading this far!

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    Kia ora,

    Sounds like a fun business, but the reliance on inbound is challenging.

    It seems like you’re doing a good job working through the options.
    – Press-on and shift to the domestic market
    – Press-on shift to domestic + look at adjacent offerings.

    There’s a third that many tourism businesses are doing..
    – Mothball and then look to resurrect once inbound returns
    (and I would add this to your list and evaluate it in the same way…)

    A suitable tool would be Lean Canvas for this. Start rough. Make guesses, list assumptions. This will give you an idea of scale. Then you can dive down, dig deeper, find ways to test and validate your assumptions…

    So, what does this business look like as a domestic offering? What’s the customer and what will they pay? Will Aucklanders do this or is it best to focus 100% on out of town kiwi’s coming to the big smoke. What does this change for your guides?

    I suspect your real value prop here is in your guiding – not the scooters, so repositioning yourself as an urban transport option (you mention Aucklanders heading out for lunchtime) although arguably adjacent, is really quite a different business. Is it realistic to compete with the eScooter businesses? (fleet size? app?)

    However, there may be some other adjacent opportunities. One that springs to mind is working with the treasure hunt / quiz experience businesses that target corporates. Check out https://thrillzone.co.nz – from @thrillzone on Manaaki.io.

    I hope this help. Feel free to reach out to me on linkedIn if you want to dig a bit deeper.

    Kia kaha!
    – Peter


    Building on the above, I’d also make sure you grow your awareness to local providers… make sure you are known at the I-sites, across accommodation providers and perhaps see if you can get into the booking flow at Air NZ where they offer taxi and hire car services… (if you need help with Air NZ contacts, let me know with your email and we can discuss offline).
    There are other NZ centric booking channels (bookme, grabone etc) but require a ‘deal’.
    Perhaps look to partner up with other AKL tour companies – explore group, AKL jet boat to offer up a package.
    I’d also consider what snap rentals did and see if you could pivot into lunch time deliveries from AKL CBD cafes and rival uber with an e-scoot delivery model…


    Peter & Jonathan,

    Thank you for the line of communication, it’s much appreciated.

    We have explored some of the mentions recommendations by you both, and are certainly changing the way we do things.

    Jonathan, our business email is info@e-scootertours.nz if we could connect and see if there is a way to work with Air NZ.

    Peter, we have other offerings coming to market once we bounce our way through compliance, and have a solid plan to leverage all of these products to compliment one another. This was always the long term plan, however with how things are going now, we need to fast track this and bring it to market quickly.


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