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The Government announced in the budget the creation of 11,000 new environmental jobs. When I look on the DoC career website there are zero jobs. Do any of the experts have any further information on where to find out more information?

Question submitted 18/05/20 @ 05:07pm
Industry: HR & Talent
  • Morena. I found this information about it – which is not much – https://www.budget.govt.nz/budget/pdfs/releases/r2-investment-create-environment-jobs-regions.pdf – my suggestion is that to keep an eye on the Minister for Environment, Depart of Conservation and maybe also http://www.beehive.govt.nz – the officials will be running to put flesh in behind this. HOpe that helps. Andy

    Thanks Andy – I’ve seen the media release but was hoping that there would be more substance to the announcement so I can help my team secure new roles in the short term when wage subsidy ends in Aug. The release implies that this could take years. The $400m Tourism rescue package was paper thin on tangible things that Travel related businesses can grasp onto. Thanks you for your amazing support of small business here in NZ and your lobbying of Government but we need help in the next few weeks not in the next few years.

    Yep, this is speed of decision making at pace sorry from what I can see – and we need to encourage them to move faster! as it is required, Andy

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