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The New Normal in Hospitality is ONLINE

Hello all,

We are a small artisan chain of Italian Restaurants here in Auckland.
Can someone help us to build a website that combines the e-commerce vertical a.k.a online buying, with educational vertical a.k.a blogging, recipe e-books, with the entertainment vertical a.k.a cooking classes/master classes, with the different treat VIP vertical a.k.a trying something first, having a privately designed menu just for you and your friends, getting rare wines from Italian regions (not available anywhere else), with a social media integration, with a CRM that generates leads and repeats the experience agin and again?

Viva La Pizza

Question submitted 23/08/20 @ 06:22am
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    Hi There!

    Thanks for your question! My recommendation for a website like this would be using the platform Shopify. You can buy items online using this website but can also incorporate blogs, recipes, videos, and more! It is very easy to use and has a great range of apps that can help you with everything you want to be incorporated into the website. It also links extremely well to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram along with others. You can integrate your social media feeds (e.g. Instagram feed) onto your website for others to see your social media posts of your food. Once set up, it is a very easy platform to navigate and certain aspects can be automated so that you don’t have to worry. It is also very inexpensive to run per month which is a great benefit.

    I feel as though this could be something I could help you with. I have built multiple E-Commerce Websites using Shopify as the platform and run my own E-Commerce Businesses as well. I have lots of experience and feel as though I could definitely produce a website that incorporates your wants 🙂 I also have a diploma in Hospitality Management so I understand needs and wants from a consumer’s view as well as a hospitality business perspective when setting up a website. With the World at the moment, everything is online and so I believe that having a website would be extremely beneficial to your business.

    Hopefully, this helps and any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me annabellelindberg30@gmail.com 🙂


    Hey There – I had one of the advisors keen to talk to you – I will do an intro off the platform to enable you to get spec’d up with them. Andy




    Buongiorno Chef!

    Your thinking is spot on. There are opportunities out there for those who do things differently in a covid world.

    I’m conscious of this forum being a sell job for what we do but in this instance I think it would be worth exploring specifically what we offer with our website builder platform which is a home cooked option made in NZ. We tick the boxes for what you are after in a cost effective way.

    I’ll address each element and explain how you could do it:

    Can someone help us to build a website that combines the e-commerce vertical a.k.a online buying – Rocketspark has created a scheduled ordering feature specifically for hospo -https://www.rocketspark.com/scheduled-ordering/. See the customer experience with this client’s site: https://www.hanrestaurant.co.nz/. If you have complex pizza customisations you’re likely better with something like Mobi2Go which is simply integrated via an order now button. A friend who runs 3 restaurants said that over 90% of his online orders came direct via the site vs other channels such as Uber Eats so the margin was so much better for the majority of his orders.
    With educational vertical a.k.a blogging – Blogging is built in as standard with the Rocketspark platform
    Recipe e-books – A couple of options here: https://support.rocketspark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041055192-How-to-sell-digital-goods-through-your-Rocketspark-website
    With the entertainment vertical a.k.a cooking classes/master classes – I’d recommend an online booking system for this – e.g. https://www.rezdy.com/booking-software-for-cooking-classes/. Also consider running classes online via Livestorm or Zoom
    With the different treat VIP vertical a.k.a trying something first, having a privately designed menu just for you and your friends – Probably best managed via an enquiry form or ‘phone us’ call to action to put something custom together
    Getting rare wines from Italian regions (not available anywhere else) – Ecommerce with age verification: https://support.rocketspark.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010439488-Can-I-do-an-age-verification-on-my-website-. Also consider subscription wine boxes of curated wines: https://www.rocketspark.com/uk/subscriptions-for-ecommerce/
    With a social media integration – Yes, built in as standard
    With a CRM that generates leads and repeats the experience agin and again? – We integrate with Mailchimp for this which has some clever automations for creating automated follow ups, welcome messages etc. This would do the trick nicely without overcooking the requirements. https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/216/Rev-up-your-online-sales-with-Rocketspark–Mailchimp-ecommerce/. Mailchimp can also provide abandoned cart functionality when connected to Rocketspark: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/220/Its-all-go-for-the-Abandoned-Cart-emails5-handy-tips-to-get-you-started/

    In terms of build options there is a DIY option nd we have an online class which shows us building a site in 30 mins. See the class here: https://www.rocketspark.com/events/. Call us on 0800ROCKET if you get stuck and we’ll help you.

    We also have our partner network who can design the site and as they don’t have to do any coding they can create sites really cost effectively and I’m sure there would be some that would be keen to support this project. https://www.rocketspark.com/web-design/. Please contact us and we’d be happy to recommend the best approach for you.

    One last tip is to consider not doing all of the requirements at once but start with the biggest opportunity and then add on the next stages once the first stage is going well. If you try to do too much at once you’ll struggle to delight your customers.


    Kia ora Chef,

    I think you’re thinking along the right lines and it’s great to see your willingness to adopt change in an industry as impacted as yours is.

    Our mantra is about embracing transformation, getting online and changing how you do things, to survive and thrive, so we understand where you’re coming from.



    Many people are simply building an e-commerce store, but being able to intertwine valuable content could differentiate you in a powerful way in the marketplace. It’s surprising that often even megabrands fall short on achieving this.

    I believe the success of what you’re trying to achieve will primarily be done based on your content and it’s surrounding marketing strategy. However, to support that content it’s vital to pick a good flexible website platform that can support that strategy.

    All of the key areas you mentioned (blogging, recipes, e-books, entertainment, cooking classes, VIP) would necessitate a highly flexible content-based CMS. We have good experience across a range of platforms, so are well-positioned to judge the pros and cons of each.

    Magento and Shopify are very eCommerce focused and whilst very powerful, adapting them to such flexible content requirements will be more challenging (and expensive).

    Our own ecommerce platform Zest would be able to do what you ask. But, without doing a deeper analysis, my initial sense is that WordPress/WooCommerce could be the best choice overall since:

    – At its heart, it is a content-based CMS and has some of the most powerful but easy to use publishing features. This will let you achieve beautifully designed layouts with an easy navigational architecture.

    – WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world so it pretty reliable.

    – Flexible – it can be completely customised to do just about anything but fairly cost-effectively.

    – Integration – if a platform doesn’t have a premade integration with WooCommerce then if likely doesn’t integration with others.


    **Social Media Integration**

    Adding social media to your website is super simple regardless of what platform you’re on. But again if you’re looking for more advanced integrations e.g. with the Facebook marketing/ad platforms then WooCommerce is great too.



    If you’re serious about a top-flight CRM, this would necessitate a far bigger discussion as the best choice here is very dependent on your specific business requirements and your budget.

    However, if you want a powerful but cost-effective solution for maximising engagement and ROI then Klaviyo is arguably the most powerful eCommerce email marketing and CRM platform at the medium enterprise level. Open-source platforms, again such as WooCommerce, have the best integration with this (and other similar Email or CRM software).


    I hope that helps!


    Hi Chef
    Great work asking the right questions.
    The Website Platform you create has been covered really well by others.
    BUT after you have the platform you need a marketing system that sells well and an integrated tool that helps with a lot of the selling is

    The marketing which is the process of telling people about your products and services is not part of a website and ecommerce build.

    You say you want “A CRM that generates leads”. NEVER going to happen. CRM is a dumb bit of software. It can help you generate leads but they come from what goes into the CRM and what comes out of it i.e. the Marketing content and marketing process.

    And so you’ll need to also have a good tactical plan about how to tell prospects about your services and decide which channels to use. This is best done by someone expert in your industry who knows about services like First Table who already have a mailing list of customers.

    Get that website built first, but in the meantime, start to get a mailing list of every customer you have served (and ask your team to contribute).
    Use the website build process to start sharing content about it to your audience so you can build excitement.
    Ask customers to do an early pre-launch trial of your new services and give you feedback.

    These will help you along for when you have the bandwidth to do some tactical marketing planning – then come back to the forum with your next question!

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