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The thing i need help with:  Charging out Travel fees for outside of my Service area.My Styling Services are offered in Wellington and I put limits on travel to Up to Porirua and Upper Hutt . I charge* travel fees for travel outside of these areas to greater Wellington region.How do I calculate and then charge my clients – is there a calculation to use as a guide?I’ve never actually HAD any enquiries that require me to calculate this before! Also – feeling awkward about carbon miles – being a Sustainable Stylist – I do not currently own an EV though it is in the bigger Business plan. Thoughts on this would be awesome in terms of how to off-set / or do I look at leasing an EV until able to purchase outright?  I guess I feel awkies about rolling up in my petrol-run family car!OK – website and a sweet hook up with John Campbell & Pat Macfie Thanks to Manaaki… has meant waaaaaay more enquiries than I feel I can handle! TBH super overwhleming! like..in a good way but also I want to deliver best service and experience for all my new clients. 

Question submitted 15/05/20 @ 06:22am
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    Morena, so cool to see the inbound coming to you and your business when you put yourself out there!!

    On the charging rates, basically ‘rate’ for claiming (that businesses use for employees who claim mileage from their employers) is 76c per KM. There really is no issue in my view with charging your clients for travelling to them, you just need to work out if you charge this fee, or you charge a lower rate – but not charging just means you going backwards, which does not help you stay in business.

    You also raise a really good point around being more sustainable with this and taking care of our environment, so the EV option is really good – what I would do is start experimenting before we bite off a big capital purchase or lease, such keep using your current asset, see if the business outside of the region keeps coming and then if you have confidence it is there, then maybe it gives you the ability to invest.

    Good luck – so cool to see you on TV yesterday, and also your reflections on Insta last night – keep that coming!

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